{Newborn Baby Dakota Grace} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Hands down my favorite lifestyle newborn session to date. Not only was this couple so welcoming as I spent the morning in their amazing home with TONS of awesome windows & natural light, but it was different than any other in home session I've ever experienced. Of course I got their sweet pets, captured a yawn shot or two, but my absolute favorite part was when dad asked if I could capture bath time. Ummm...hello? YES!!!! I've always wanted to photograph this with a newborn & these images are perfection to me!!! I love the process, expressions & how real and raw it is. Everyday real life. This is EXACTLY why I love lifestyle newborn sessions in comparison to staged propped photos with baby always sleeping & looking "Perfect." Yes, they are sweet, do not get me wrong. I just love capturing what goes on in the first few weeks as a new family with baby...diaper changes, crying, bath time, rocking, swaddling, pets getting acquainted, learning to parent together, cuddles with grandma & grandpa, etc. These are the moments you will forget unless captured by someone (like me.;)). Telling a story with pictures. This is a gift that God gave me & I love that I can use this gift to capture forever memories for other families. If you are interested in a lifestyle newborn session for yourself or someone you know...contact me at CourtneyKae@msn.com to get on my calendar. I would LOVE to meet you & your sweet little bundle of joy!

P.S. Forgive me as I will be posting an excessive amount of images from this unique session.;)

{Newborn Baby Samuel} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

This was my first time meeting Beth & Paul and of course baby boy, Samuel. They received a gift certificate from a family member for pictures after Samuel's arrival...what a great idea (of course I'm slightly biased.;)) It was so lovely getting to know this new family...hearing about their love for travel & seeing fabulous pictures in print all around their home. Beth is a photographer herself...cameras were lying around everywhere...LOVED it!!! Due to their passion for international travel Samuel's Nursery was decorated to the "t" with giraffe & elephant décor...you could see the love & thought that went into every detail...down to their picture frames actually filled (which was a first for me). Considering he was just 2 weeks & 2 days old when I was there...I was impressed to say the least. One of my favorite stories they shared with me was the sentimental value to the stuffed animals: lion, giraffe & elephant...which were all passed down in their family. From grandparents to Beth's parents & her parent's to her as a baby & now Beth is passing them on to Samuel as a baby & I can only imagine the tradition will continue. So special. Also they all have a love for travel, animals & photography...how cool is that?! Take a peek at our sweet time spent together...

{Benjamin--6 days NEW} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I just adore the Rosin Family! I met Kristin through another mutual friend/client & they have been loyal return clients/friends ever since. They just welcomed their third baby boy into the world on March 1st at 5:38am. Benjamin Jack weighed in at 7lbs. 13 oz. & 20 inches long. I happen to think he looks JUST like his brothers (already)!!!

I know I say this every time I do a lifestyle newborn session, but I really mean it. It's such a special honor to have families welcome me into their homes when their baby is so fresh & new and then just let me document their lives...especially during the early, crazy days or weeks when everyone is sleep-deprived zombies. Ha! But I so love it & honestly, I think they love it too. Why do I think they love it? Because the pressure is off them to have everyone look perfect, make-up on, house cleaned, smile (look at the camera), etc. Instead, its' more like...pour yourself ANOTHER cup of coffee, nurse the baby, play games with the older children, do what ya gotta do & I'll photograph it. The good, the bad, the ugly.;) Of course my favorite is sleeping baby, but do I always get that...NO. Is that ok? YES. Every session is unique & different and that's what is so special about these sessions. They tell a story & not just any story...YOUR STORY!!! Thanks for letting me into a snippet of your life Rosins...until next time. Get some sleep & everyone else, enjoy a peek at our time together... 

{Sebastian--2 weeks NEW} Denver Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Oh my my...what a wonderful way to start out the New Year!!! I just LOVE babies & Lifestyle Sessions are my fave!!! There is nothing quite like entering the home of brand new parents who's world has been flipped upside down in the best way possible.=) I had the privilege of meeting sweet baby Sebastian Mendes this last Friday in Denver. What a little peanut!!! Born at 6lbs. 8.6oz. (My daughter was almost this exact weight at birth & I must say...it's hard to recall her ever that small.) So tiny, so fresh, so innocent. God's perfect blessing. He was quite the little angel during his session...mom swaddled him & rocked him for a short while & he dozed right off for the remainder of my shooting.

I just love when I have an instant connection with my clients. Allison & Eric were no exception. From the moment Allison and I began correspondence a few months back to the moment I arrived at their beautiful home; it was as if we had all known each other forever. First off...let me just say I was obsessed with their charming little 1950's home which they completely renovated themselves. Yep...they are my kind of people!!! This place was A-mazing from ceiling to floor. I asked for a tour. Ha! Of course.;) You'll get to see bits/pieces in some of my pull back shots, but I was able to see their Shutterfly Book of BEFORE photos...hello, brilliant! Why have my hubby & I not thought of that yet???

Ok, one more story...as Eric & I were talking he began sharing how he had already actually met me years ago! I was like...say what?! He went on to say that he was a groomsmen in a wedding I shot of their very good friends about 5 years ago!!! No way?! Small world. I love it!!! There is simply no bigger compliment than a word of mouth referral. Afterall; that's how I stay in business. So, thanks Jensens for passing along my name. It truly means the world to me!!!

I am apparently extra wordy on this Monday morning. Ha! Without further blabbering from me...take a peek at this sweet lifestyle newborn session & enjoy! =)

{Kylem--3 weeks old} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Loved this new little fam...loved getting to have an inside view of their sweet thoughtful nursery. Loved how involved this police officer daddy is & so hands on!!! He is clearly over the moon in love with his precious new baby boy!!! I loved chatting with both mom and dad about how something so little can rock your world & turn it upside down. Even though you are smitten, you are also completely & utterly exhausted from sleep deprivation and the change of your routine. Their is a "new norm" & baby rules all.;) It's truly the act of selflessness when baby enters a home. But the love shown in this family was so evident...it was oozing & I loved watching them partake as a new family. So sweet! I have the best job in the world. Enjoy a peek into Kylem's lifestyle session...

{Keegan Levi--8 days NEW} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I was so excited & anxious to meet little Keegan. You see I have been photographing his big sister, Kendyl, since she was a newborn...so welcoming a new family member was a special treat!!! I just adore this family!!! They make me feel comfortable & I certainly hope the feeling is mutual. As I was editing these photos, it occurred to me that one of my favorite parts of shooting a newborn lifestyle session (for those that have more than 1 child) is photographing the older(est) sibling with dad while mom gets ready. Yes, it's true...this happens a lot. Mainly because I shoot so early, but hey...at least I am shooting within the convenience of their homes, right?!;) It gives me opportunity to get the older sibling to warm up to me again, since shortly he/she will be in the spotlight with baby brother/sister!!! Every scene looks different...some dad's are still getting older siblings dressed, some are reading books, some are feeding them breakfast. That's what makes shooting lifestyle so fun for me...the real, the raw, the candid life moments that happen day to day. Now add the chaos of adding a new baby to the family, sleep deprived parents, etc. It's always an adventure!!! =) Keeps me on my toes & ready for anything. I seriously loved every single image from this sweet session & (obviously) had a hard time narrowing it down to which ones I wanted to highlight...so with that said, here is a whole slew of pics from Keegan's session. =)

{Welcome Nathan} Colorado SpringsExtended Family/Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

This family has been through so much in the last year...from pregnancy, to the loss of a child, to the blessing of an adoption (finalized next month). I was honored when Donna (Alisa's mother) contacted me to take their pictures to welcome sweet 2, almost 3 month old, Nathan to their family. I took older brother, Henry's 1yr. pictures a few years back...now I was able to capture these two siblings together...such a precious thing. Henry is a wonderful big brother to Nathan, so sweet & doting. I loved watching him give kisses & caring for him when he cried.

I was so thankful to wake up to beautiful blue skies & sunshine on Saturday, as we had to postpone this session several times due to weather & other unforeseen reasons in previous weeks. Also, Dave, (aka: dad) had his parents in town visiting for the week, so we included both sets of grandparents as well as Uncle Andy.

It was so apparent in every image the love this family has for one another & I loved getting to capture it for them. Here is a peek at our morning at Bear Creek Regional Park together...

{Grant Michael--2 wks. NEW} Monument Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Their story was beyond touching...brought me to tears while editing their session a few times!!! Let's just say after 5 years of trying to conceive...this little guy is more than a precious blessing; he's truly a MIRACLE BABY!!! Lisa & Chris received a gift certificate at their baby shower to a lifestyle newborn session with me. I was honored to meet them & be invited into their beautiful home. Grant Michael Psomas was just two weeks old when I had the privilege of taking his photos...what a little cutie!!! The first thing I noticed about him was all his gorgeous, thick dark hair, the second thing was his acute alertness for just 2 weeks old. He was awake for most of the session, but didn't fuss unless hungry. Like always, I was aching to have another baby by the end of my time with him. What a sweetie. Mom & Dad were clearly swooned by him & his presence. Like I said, SUCH a gift!!! Oh...& cannot forget to mention "big brother" Ben (their sweet, sensitive & mild-mannered Yellow Lab). He was so aware of my every move...watching over the new addition to the fam. Loved him!!! But my favorite part of this session was when Lisa shared their story & this book with me at the end (last picture). If you are struggling to get pregnant or know someone who is...you MUST go purchase this book. A real tear-jerker!!!<3 I hope you enjoy peeking at these images as much as I enjoyed taking them. =)

{Owen Thomas---4 days NEW} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Seeing this family COMPLETE after baby #4 (third boy) was so amazing!!! Dani, Brad (aka: Mom & Dad) & I kept joking throughout the session, "Man, you have a LOT of kids!!!" LOL!!! To me, anyone that has more than two has a lot of kids. (I am a mama of two). ;) They didn't find out the gender of this baby until HE arrived & they were pretty surprised to be honest. It was fun to hear Dani retell the story from her perspective on his arrival!!! What a sweet precious blessing Owen is to his family & it's apparent mama is soaking up every second with him...as she knows how fast this baby thing goes (4th time around). Kyle...who is just a little over a year & a half old is really adjusting well to baby Owen & being a "BIG" brother. Some of my favorite candid moments from this session were watching him love on him when he was crying. His hugs involved putting his cheek close to his brothers. Ugh...be still my beating heart!!! I just adore these real life moments & it really brings me back every time to my own experiences of when my kiddos were babies/toddlers. Nostalgia!!! Here is a snippet of THEIR new life as a family of 6...

{Lilah & Nina--TWINS} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Session

This was a first for me...photographing twins!!! All I kept thinking the entire time was, "This mom is AMAZING!!!" Not only did she just have twin girls, but she also has a very active 3yr. old daughter named Bella. I had the honor of taking Bella's 2yr. pics last Spring. Before I arrived I was worried about having just two sets of adult hands on deck since her husband flew out for a family emergency last minute, but when I got there I was relieved to find grandma was in town helping. Phew!!! She was such a great help & this enabled me to be able to photograph one baby at a time as well as get some cute candids of Bella with all of her costume changes throughout the morning. I loved standing back & documenting all of the crying, diaper changes & feedings during the 2hrs. I spent at their home. What sweet baby girls...& a beautifully blessed family.

{Jackson} Castle Rock Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I was so anxious to meet 10 day old, Jackson Christopher...as I had taken Cynthia & Chris' Maternity Pictures a few months prior (see session HERE:https://courtney-ernst-vvox.squarespace.com/blog/cynthiachrismaternitysession ). I just fell in love with these people...sweet, genuine, real & with a story to be remembered. This baby is nothing short of a miracle, so it was definitely an honor to meet him in person & capture these first beginnings with this precious family. As soon as I stepped through the front doors I was in love...from their simple, streamline décor to the clean lines to the amazing nursery they had put so much thought & love into for little Jackson. It was the perfect session...everyone including Cujo (their adorable dog) did great!!! We even were able to get a few in their beautiful backyard that overlooks the golf course & the ROCK in Castle Rock. Enjoy a peek at our morning together...

Source: www.ckephotography.net

{Maverick} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I could hardly wait for baby Maverick to arrive after meeting his awesome parents for their maternity session back in March. He was just as adorable as I imagined & to no surprise given his good genes.;) Check out Lauren & Marc's Maternity Session HERE. For starters Maverick was asleep when I arrived & slept 95% of the session (this almost NEVER happens...at least for me.;)). I seriously love every single image from this session. Why you ask? Maybe because I had previously worked with Lauren & Marc, so they knew how I work & what to expect during a session. Or maybe because they truly know how to ROCK a lifestyle session. They were comfortable; therefore baby was comfortable, therefore I was comfortable. Catch the theme here?;) Yes...it's true, if everyone is relaxed during a lifestyle session...real, raw life unfolds & it's beautiful. Every doting act of emotion was conveyed through these images. Their love for their brand new son was so precious it's hard to put into words...from stroking his sweet cheeks, to kissing his tiny nose to patting his tiny tush. I adored watching them as brand new parents & getting to be a part of these beautiful first few moments of Maverick at just 10 days new. Simply priceless. Enjoy a peek at our time together...

{Shea} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

This was another last-minute session to bring back my week from Cali. Another photographer cancelled on this dear poor woman last minute & I had an opening, so...

Sweet sweet baby girl, Shea. She was three almost four weeks old on the morning we took her pictures & I was fearful that she may not sleep for us, but wow, did she surprise me. Once she was swaddled & warm...she was as happy & peaceful as could be. I loved every little girly thing about this sweetie, from her luscious locks to her feminine lips to her fabulous long lashes. What a doll. I took so many more posed pics than I usually do...I just couldn't help myself. In fact...I really only shoot lifestyle unless requested otherwise & ironically the last two newborn sessions I have done have had special requests. Cannot say I blame them...sleeping is my favorite.;) Anyways...loved this darling family of now five. They were gracious, kind, loving & I felt honored to be able to capture their newest addition. Here is a glimpse of some of my all time favorites...

{Jase} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I had the honor of taking this sweet family's maternity pictures at the Garden of the Gods a few months back & now their newest addition, Jase, has arrived. Seriously...one of the sweetest newborns to date. I wanted to keep him. Then again, I say that about ALL of the newborns I work with. They are so little & sweet & perfect...I just miss that stage so much! My babies are BIG now & time goes way too quickly!!! Being a military family, they live on the AFA base & I had never seen AFA housing before...it's way nice. They had the coolest layout with great big windows lining the east side of the family room. Since Jase had just eaten & was in sleepy mode, we started out our morning with pictures of just him. I have never been able to move so rapidly between set-ups as I did with this little guy. He was such an angel, we just whisked him from one prop set-up to the next. Easy-Peesy. We then ended with a few quick family lifestyle shots back in the master bedroom while dad rushed home during his lunch hour. Here are a few of my favorites...

{Logan--10 days}---Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I can never get enough of new babies...from their sweet sleepy expressions to their tiny toes, fingers & noses. This "tiny" part is so fleeting, which is why I love lifestyle newborn sessions... capturing the first days when everything is so fresh & new & exciting!!! Logan was 10 days old on the day of our session & though he was so very tired...he fought falling asleep during the majority of our time together. But that was ok with me...it gave me time to get pictures with his three older siblings while he was wide-eyed & busy-tailed.;) It's so fun to work with bigger families & watch the dynamics and relationships. This lucky guy has two older brothers & one older sister...who just so happened to be smitten by him & who wouldn't be??? Have you seen his "mug"?;) Seriously...Logan is absolutely precious from head to toe & I couldn't hardly get enough snuggles with him!!! After swaddling him tight & cranking up the heater & maybe a few shhhh's he finally gave in & we were able to get a few close-ups of his precious features...peacefully snoozing away. Loved working with this entire family...it was a first for me; as they were sent over as a referral. I love referrals because it's so interesting to hear how people know each other & I love meeting new families. Hoping next time we can do a "Family Session on the Ranch" & photograph those awesome horses of yours Abeyta Family. Enjoy a peek at our morning together...

Lifestyle Newborn Session: Eliam---3 weeks old

Eliam is one lucky little dude. After meeting his mom & chatting up a storm the first 15 minutes I was there; I loved how chill & relaxed she was. You don't see that much with the first time round mommies. I learned she is also a school teacher which may have explained the whole
"whatever happens happens" mentality. Dad is a cool, artsy hipster that works from home creating/playing music in the basement. Again...totally fun people which you know can only raise up one cool kid. So...lucky little Eliam. Oh...& I nearly forgot to mention his personal dog guards. Ha! Ben & Sam (if I'm remembering right). They were super sweet & super protective of their new little brother. Every move I made; they shadowed me.  Loved every second of this session from start to finish. We spent the morning just admiring all of Eliam's little quirks & wacky newborn facial expressions. I loved watching on as mom & dad took turns feeding Eliam a bottle, burping him, rocking him, soothing him, & talking to him. The best was his short little snooze towards the end of the session...he looked so peaceful; his smirks were proof of just that. I loved getting a small glimpse into their "new world" with their "new little one." Much joy & happiness to you Laurie & Michael as you learn & grow & love as parents. Most of all...congrats; he's a doll.=)