Small Intimate Wedding--Colorado Springs Intimate Wedding Photographer

So, I get asked all of the time, “do you photograph weddings?” The answer is…yes, but a small, handful of intimate, outdoor weddings—usually by referral or family friend only.

This wedding for Sally & Bill was just that. It was held inside the Patty Jewett Golf Course Community Center. We of course took advantage of the amazing backdrop from this location outside on a warm summer evening. It was simply gorgeous. I can’t tell you what joy it brings me to capture two people in love on their wedding day (or engagement day for that matter). Pure, simple & sweet. Enjoy a peek at the Bride & Groom after they said, “I do.”

{Walker & Lauren---aka: Mr. & Mrs. Ford} Denver's Intimate Wedding Photographer

Misty, Lauren's Mom, called me on a Tuesday...I was standing in line at Costco. As I recall she left the sweetest yet most informal voicemail (that's what I love about her & their entire awesome HUGE family). Without hesitation I agreed. You see, I don't photograph a lot of weddings, but when a family who seem more like friends ask & you know it will be small, intimate, outdoors & low-key you don't say no!;)

You can read more about Lauren & Walker's Love Story HERE:

It was a beautiful sunny day in June. They got married in La, Salle, CO...(aka: in the boondox out east).;) It was simple, southern and full of charm. I loved all the details, thought and love that went into this wedding...from the polaroid pictures of Walker & Lauren during their dating years at each guest table at the reception, to mason jars strung with twine & filled with beautiful pink hydrangeas to hand poured candles for guest favors.

Lauren's dress was my absolute favorite...just a hint of champagne pink in the tulle at the made her feel like a princess (as you should on your wedding day). Their were subtle hints of pink throughout...including pink bowties for the guys & pink petals for the flower girls. Walker wore his military uniform per Lauren's request & he looked so dapper. I overheard a sweet conversation between just the two of them shortly after the ceremony, it went something like this, "I know it's hotter than hell, but thank you for wearing that uniform, you look soooo good in it." Hee-hee!!!

We had plans to shoot their Bride & Groom pics on an old country dirt road lined with tall cottonwood trees; though we may have killed some time looking for was sooo worth the mix up! My favorite B&G pictures to date. Again...simple, but sweet. The focus right where it should be. On them. The new Mr. & Mrs. Walker Ford. I have so many favorites from their big day, but to keep things shorter around here...I'm just posting some faves. Enjoy a peek at their beautiful wedding day...

{Mr. & Mrs. Martin} Colorado Springs Intimate Wedding Photographer

I've had so many questions & inquiries on this you shoot weddings? Yes or No? It's complicated. I started off 7 years ago doing all kinds of fun, small & intimate mountain weddings & they were AMAZING!!! I feel like I got a great start, but then somewhere along the way I began to drowned in the mounds of editing from these types of events & decided to stop offering weddings for about 4/5 years. It wasn't until I was approached by two very special/close clients/friends in the last few years that promised me they were having SMALL, INTIMATE, CLOSE FAMILY & FRIENDS type weddings & begged me to photograph their weddings, that I said YES!!! So, to answer this complicated question...the answer is yes if you are having a.) an outdoor wedding or want at least outdoor wedding pictures, b.) it's small or on the smallish side. c.) You are flexible & up for my crazy ideas. Ha! Ok, so I threw in that last one, but still...

This is the exciting & romantic story of Amanda & Payton, who you probably remember me telling you about not that long ago when I posted their engagement photos. They got married on July 16th this summer & had a small, quaint wedding in their church (yes, this goes against my rules, but in their defense their bride/groom pictures were outdoors & the only pictures that really mattered to them; so ha!). They were High School Sweethearts & are perfect for one another. They are now happily married newlyweds living in Oceanside, CA. One of my favorite places on earth. #happyplace. Payton is military so they got married & moved within a few weeks of each other. He is stationed at Pendleton Base Camp. I told them, I may just stop by next time I'm visiting. #truth I have been known to do such things.;) Anyway...without carrying on about nonsensical is a peek at their beautiful wedding day...

{Felicia & Levi} Denver Wedding Photographer

Where do I begin? April was a "cray-cray" month for me. I left for a personal trip to California for only 5 days, yet the days leading up to that trip, on that trip & after that trip left me EXHAUSTED (in a good way of course)!!! I received a phonecall at 10:00pm the night before my 4:00am flight to Cali from Felicia's mom telling me "We picked you. We want YOU to be our photographer." I was flattered, because according to Felicia they had interviewed tons of other photographers. This didn't leave either of us with much time. She called on the night of the 14th, I was out of town the 15th--19th. The wedding was on the 23rd & they wanted "pre-wedding" pictures of just the Bride & Groom on the 22nd. I may have had a freak out moment or two on my trip. LOL!!! So with little time to prepare, no time to meet the bride & groom in advance & HUGE thunderstorm on the forecast for the week, I did nothing less than PRAY!!! A LOT!;)

During the hour drive from Monument to the Denver Temple (yes, Felicia & Levi are Mormons) I asked a billion & one questions to the future Bride & Groom as this was my only brief time to get to know them as well as the quick run-down of the timeline for the wedding the next day. It was so much fun!!! I could instantly tell they were a perfect match. He knew her inside & out...perhaps better than she knows herself. (I'm familiar with that, since my husband is the exact same way). She giggled at all his corny jokes. They were laid back, easy going & up for anything I had in mind!!! I knew it was going to be a memorable/intimate evening & it was!!!

Once we arrived at the Temple...we were sitting in the eye of the storm that was lurking overhead!!! It was creepy DARK! While Felicia changed into her gown & touched up her make-up, Levi quickly changed into his tux & I sat waiting & praying the rain would STOP! I made a suggestion to run to the nearest Wal-greens for an umbrella purchase...just in case. By the time Levi got back...the rain had STOPPED! Thank you LORD. It really was an answer to prayer. I was relieved...the night unfolded perfectly & true beauty was revealed in every photo. I  must was a photographer's dream to have as much time as I wanted with JUST the bride & groom  & no pressure of the guests or wedding party waiting on you. I LOVED this idea & would suggest it to future bride & grooms. It didn't take away from anything that would take place on the actual wedding day, such as seeing the bride in her dress...because we captured it. They were relaxed, I was relaxed. It was PERFECT.

In short...the next day, I met them bright & early outside of the Temple (since I'm NOT Mormon) & I captured the Bride & Groom coming out of the Temple, Family Shots & ended at the Cathedral Pines in the Black Forest for a night of cake-cutting, garter/bouquet toss & lots of dancing. It was a beautiful wedding with the biggest Mormon Families you have EVER seen. Too much fun! Thanks for letting me be a part of your memorable day, Felicia & Levi. Best of luck to you both on your new adventure in California. Here is a snippet of our time together...