{Logan--10 days}---Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I can never get enough of new babies...from their sweet sleepy expressions to their tiny toes, fingers & noses. This "tiny" part is so fleeting, which is why I love lifestyle newborn sessions... capturing the first days when everything is so fresh & new & exciting!!! Logan was 10 days old on the day of our session & though he was so very tired...he fought falling asleep during the majority of our time together. But that was ok with me...it gave me time to get pictures with his three older siblings while he was wide-eyed & busy-tailed.;) It's so fun to work with bigger families & watch the dynamics and relationships. This lucky guy has two older brothers & one older sister...who just so happened to be smitten by him & who wouldn't be??? Have you seen his "mug"?;) Seriously...Logan is absolutely precious from head to toe & I couldn't hardly get enough snuggles with him!!! After swaddling him tight & cranking up the heater & maybe a few shhhh's he finally gave in & we were able to get a few close-ups of his precious features...peacefully snoozing away. Loved working with this entire family...it was a first for me; as they were sent over as a referral. I love referrals because it's so interesting to hear how people know each other & I love meeting new families. Hoping next time we can do a "Family Session on the Ranch" & photograph those awesome horses of yours Abeyta Family. Enjoy a peek at our morning together...

Lifestyle Newborn Session: Eliam---3 weeks old

Eliam is one lucky little dude. After meeting his mom & chatting up a storm the first 15 minutes I was there; I loved how chill & relaxed she was. You don't see that much with the first time round mommies. I learned she is also a school teacher which may have explained the whole
"whatever happens happens" mentality. Dad is a cool, artsy hipster that works from home creating/playing music in the basement. Again...totally fun people which you know can only raise up one cool kid. So...lucky little Eliam. Oh...& I nearly forgot to mention his personal dog guards. Ha! Ben & Sam (if I'm remembering right). They were super sweet & super protective of their new little brother. Every move I made; they shadowed me.  Loved every second of this session from start to finish. We spent the morning just admiring all of Eliam's little quirks & wacky newborn facial expressions. I loved watching on as mom & dad took turns feeding Eliam a bottle, burping him, rocking him, soothing him, & talking to him. The best was his short little snooze towards the end of the session...he looked so peaceful; his smirks were proof of just that. I loved getting a small glimpse into their "new world" with their "new little one." Much joy & happiness to you Laurie & Michael as you learn & grow & love as parents. Most of all...congrats; he's a doll.=)