One thing you may or may not know about me is that I LOVE a good DIY project. I have always been “crafty", “creative” what have you, but when I met my amazing, skilled & handy-man husband, we took it to a whole new level. I dream up the ideas/designs/layouts & he makes all my dreams come true. He literally brings them to life. This is something we have always done together, as a team and I like to think we do it pretty well. There is something about seeing the fruits of your labor come to fruition. Feels Good! =)

We tackled quite a few projects in our previous home of 12 years & then we decided we were ready to move on & move up.

3 years ago we purchased our current ranch-style home that was originally built in 1974 (4 years before we were born). We have been conquering big & small projects off/on since then. I have always wanted to blog about them since I ALWAYS document them (duh…I’m a photog), but it wasn’t until recently that I received enough feedback & encouragement that I decided to just go for it.

My goal is to show you all of the behind the scenes including: blood, sweat and tears instead of just showing you the glorified before & after photos that everyone LOVES. I’ll also be sharing all of our tips, trial & errors and savings comparisons. Probably one of the biggest reasons we have always loved to DIY--savings!!! Hope you enjoy the crazy journey with us!!! =)