Lifestyle Newborn Session: Eliam---3 weeks old

Eliam is one lucky little dude. After meeting his mom & chatting up a storm the first 15 minutes I was there; I loved how chill & relaxed she was. You don't see that much with the first time round mommies. I learned she is also a school teacher which may have explained the whole
"whatever happens happens" mentality. Dad is a cool, artsy hipster that works from home creating/playing music in the basement. Again...totally fun people which you know can only raise up one cool kid. So...lucky little Eliam. Oh...& I nearly forgot to mention his personal dog guards. Ha! Ben & Sam (if I'm remembering right). They were super sweet & super protective of their new little brother. Every move I made; they shadowed me.  Loved every second of this session from start to finish. We spent the morning just admiring all of Eliam's little quirks & wacky newborn facial expressions. I loved watching on as mom & dad took turns feeding Eliam a bottle, burping him, rocking him, soothing him, & talking to him. The best was his short little snooze towards the end of the session...he looked so peaceful; his smirks were proof of just that. I loved getting a small glimpse into their "new world" with their "new little one." Much joy & happiness to you Laurie & Michael as you learn & grow & love as parents. Most of all...congrats; he's a doll.=)