{Lilah & Nina--TWINS} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Session

This was a first for me...photographing twins!!! All I kept thinking the entire time was, "This mom is AMAZING!!!" Not only did she just have twin girls, but she also has a very active 3yr. old daughter named Bella. I had the honor of taking Bella's 2yr. pics last Spring. Before I arrived I was worried about having just two sets of adult hands on deck since her husband flew out for a family emergency last minute, but when I got there I was relieved to find grandma was in town helping. Phew!!! She was such a great help & this enabled me to be able to photograph one baby at a time as well as get some cute candids of Bella with all of her costume changes throughout the morning. I loved standing back & documenting all of the crying, diaper changes & feedings during the 2hrs. I spent at their home. What sweet baby girls...& a beautifully blessed family.