{Keegan Levi--8 days NEW} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I was so excited & anxious to meet little Keegan. You see I have been photographing his big sister, Kendyl, since she was a newborn...so welcoming a new family member was a special treat!!! I just adore this family!!! They make me feel comfortable & I certainly hope the feeling is mutual. As I was editing these photos, it occurred to me that one of my favorite parts of shooting a newborn lifestyle session (for those that have more than 1 child) is photographing the older(est) sibling with dad while mom gets ready. Yes, it's true...this happens a lot. Mainly because I shoot so early, but hey...at least I am shooting within the convenience of their homes, right?!;) It gives me opportunity to get the older sibling to warm up to me again, since shortly he/she will be in the spotlight with baby brother/sister!!! Every scene looks different...some dad's are still getting older siblings dressed, some are reading books, some are feeding them breakfast. That's what makes shooting lifestyle so fun for me...the real, the raw, the candid life moments that happen day to day. Now add the chaos of adding a new baby to the family, sleep deprived parents, etc. It's always an adventure!!! =) Keeps me on my toes & ready for anything. I seriously loved every single image from this sweet session & (obviously) had a hard time narrowing it down to which ones I wanted to highlight...so with that said, here is a whole slew of pics from Keegan's session. =)