{The Anderson Family} Colorado Springs Family Photographer

I'm not gonna lie, this is the windiest session I have EVER shot!!! So windy, I thought...can we really pull this off? The clients chose not to reschedule for several reasons, but mostly because we had already rescheduled this session more than 3 times & trying to line up ALL of our calendars was insane!!! So, with a storm a brewing overhead we worked with it...& I have to say, given the circumstances; we all did amazing!!! Hair blowing, camera being shaken by wind, eyes watering from sand being tossed about...it was CRAZY!!! I LOVE this location too...one of my favorites if you're looking to capture Garden of the Gods as well as the mountain range overview. So...we have mom, dad & daughter (Ashley, was one of my High School Seniors I photographed 2 years ago). So fun to see her again & hear about what life has in store for her. Without more ramblings from me...here is a few images from their session. OH...& their sweet puppy (who's name I have since forgotten?)