{Sebastian--2 weeks NEW} Denver Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Oh my my...what a wonderful way to start out the New Year!!! I just LOVE babies & Lifestyle Sessions are my fave!!! There is nothing quite like entering the home of brand new parents who's world has been flipped upside down in the best way possible.=) I had the privilege of meeting sweet baby Sebastian Mendes this last Friday in Denver. What a little peanut!!! Born at 6lbs. 8.6oz. (My daughter was almost this exact weight at birth & I must say...it's hard to recall her ever that small.) So tiny, so fresh, so innocent. God's perfect blessing. He was quite the little angel during his session...mom swaddled him & rocked him for a short while & he dozed right off for the remainder of my shooting.

I just love when I have an instant connection with my clients. Allison & Eric were no exception. From the moment Allison and I began correspondence a few months back to the moment I arrived at their beautiful home; it was as if we had all known each other forever. First off...let me just say I was obsessed with their charming little 1950's home which they completely renovated themselves. Yep...they are my kind of people!!! This place was A-mazing from ceiling to floor. I asked for a tour. Ha! Of course.;) You'll get to see bits/pieces in some of my pull back shots, but I was able to see their Shutterfly Book of BEFORE photos...hello, brilliant! Why have my hubby & I not thought of that yet???

Ok, one more story...as Eric & I were talking he began sharing how he had already actually met me years ago! I was like...say what?! He went on to say that he was a groomsmen in a wedding I shot of their very good friends about 5 years ago!!! No way?! Small world. I love it!!! There is simply no bigger compliment than a word of mouth referral. Afterall; that's how I stay in business. So, thanks Jensens for passing along my name. It truly means the world to me!!!

I am apparently extra wordy on this Monday morning. Ha! Without further blabbering from me...take a peek at this sweet lifestyle newborn session & enjoy! =)