{Finley June}--Lifestyle Newborn In-Home Session--Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I’m telling you guys, it ALMOST makes me want to have another baby because of all of the adorable baby names out there. I mean come on??!!! Finley June, Quinn Harper, Scarlett, Sloan, Sedona. Ummm…YEAH!!! But don’t worry, I’m totally kidding…I don’t really think a 14 yr. gap between kids would be much fun.;)

I met this family in June of 2017 & fell in love with all of them, in particular, the sweet little strawberry blonde oozing personality! =) We had so much fun just hiking the trails, playing games in the evening spring sun. I was thrilled when Jen contacted me about capturing daughter #2’s arrival. This family is just so darn adorable & down to earth; they are a real treat to work with.

Nursery details…lush, lavender heaven. I don’t typically like purple all that much, but this nursery is so tasteful it’s truly a delight to the eyes. Jen’s mom hand sewed the nursery bedding, skirt, etc. It’s just gorgeous so of course we had to get a few shots with grandma while she was in town visiting.=)

Watch out for the “sister” pics…they’ll just melt your heart!!!<3<3<3