{Julia & Chris}---Colorado Springs Couples Photographer

Ummm...what can I say? This was a session I had looked forward to for so long!!! You see Julia & I had worked together almost 1 year ago to the day...she had asked me to create a romantic, hazy, sexy glowy kind of portrait session to send over to her man (who at the time was deployed). Well, I fell in love with every single image from that session for so many reasons. One, the session turned out exactly how Julia had envisioned. Two...Chris loved them so much he sent me a personal message to tell me. Three...Julia is such a beautiful soul...her love for her husband & life shines on the inside/out. After that session, she had promised me that her & Chris would come back for a couple's session upon his arrival from his deployment...most likely the next Spring. Little did either of us know the timing would be almost exactly 1 year later. I loved meeting her Chris & seeing their love for one another truly shine through every image. From their soft, sensitive, intimate side...to their fun, flirty, teasing side. They really do have  dynamic chemistry that is one of a kind!!! I'll let the pictures do the talking...here is a peek at our downtown urban session on an absolutely perfect Spring evening!!!