{Lauren & Walker's Maternity Session} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Maternity Photographer

So…I’m taking on a new tactic for blogging…staying current! LOL!!! Or at least I’m trying. I was over 50 sessions behind from 2018, so instead of getting further behind by trying to catch up, I have decided to blog right after I take my sessions.

Meet Lauren & Walker…they are expecting their first baby girl mid June & I couldn’t be more happy & excited for them!!! They are awesome people & will no doubt be incredible parents. =) I have had the privilege of taking their engagement photos, capture their wedding day & now document that cute baby bump!!!

As hopeful as I was for Spring Cherry Blossoms, we were about a month too early here in Colorado Springs. So we settled for Phelan Gardens…where they met ALL of our needs & then some. They have the most amazing helpful & kind staff…gorgeous flowers, plants, trees & did I mention it feels like SUMMER in there? I LOVED that last Tuesday night when we met for pictures. I was able to ditch my jacket which I haven’t done while shooting in what seems like FOREVER.

One of my favorite things about working with Lauren & Walker is they are easy & chill & we always have so much fun together!!! Even if I ramble and don’t make sense…they get me & I love that! Thanks guys for your grace. =) I loved getting to reminisce while chatting with Lauren about all of the new experiences of your first pregnancy, from morning sickness to feeling baby move, to your milk coming in & growing ginormous boobs. Ha!!!!

While I was photographing solo shots of Lauren with her baby bump, I told her how beautiful she looks & how she has that “pregnancy glow” to which she laughed & replied, “no, my sister just put on really great highlight.” LOL!!! To which I replied, “better than sweat from the puking stage.” Ha-ha!!! No matter what the “glowy” reason, Lauren looks absolutely stunning with her growing Baby Bump!!!

After a quick outfit change, we drove over to Palmer Park to capture the Colorado front range with some pines, yuccas & sandstone. Although we didn’t catch a sunset that evening because the clouds/wind blew in…we still laughed our way through some of my favorite shots from their session. The highlight for me was capturing Walker help his expecting wife walk back up the trail towards the car…I just love how they are hand in hand. And of course, true to Courtney-Style, I had to throw in an impromptu que…spin her, dance, kiss. I love catching people off-guard (but mostly towards the end of a session…when everyone is comfortable with me & how I operate). They produce the best, most REAL pics in my opinion.

Enjoy a glimpse into our beautiful & heart-felt Maternity Session together. If you are expecting & or know someone that is, it’s not too late to book a Lifestyle Maternity Session with me. =) I just love those baby bumps!