{Hayden Geordge}--Lifestyle Newborn--In Home Session

This family was expecting their first child & found me on NSM…it’s nice to know Social Media is working for me.;) We ended up being neighbors. #truestory. They live just on the other side of Highway 105 in the newest development…small world, I think YES. =) Which also made it super convenient when baby arrived for me to pop on over for their in-home session. So much fun to watch new parents. They were so excited to have me, they welcomed me into their new home, as did their big doggies.;) Needless to say they were head over heels for their new little addition; their son, Hayden George. Can’t say I blame them…he was certainly delicious.

Although I typically have clients send me a few quick snap-shots of their home before the actual session…I always do a brief walk-through in the rooms we talked about (usually the nursery, master bedroom, family room & occasional kitchen/dining/office) to see where the best light is pouring in. I am a sucker for natural light & even though you may not think your home has good natural light…trust me, I can find it. Every home does; it is just that some have more than others. That’s ok. I am confident I can make just about any circumstance work.;) I have had a few challenging doozies in my first years starting out my business. Ha!

This was another baseball loving family from the East Coast & so we had fun dressing Hayden up in a mini-jersey for a few shots. And of course mom has been dreaming of this day forever, so she has a few favorite purchased newbie outfits she may want to show off. I’m good with just about anything, but I always think a swaddled baby is & will forever be my favorite look. Obviously I want to make sure & capture tiny toes & fingers too…so sometimes during the outfit changes is when I sneak those in.

Feeling overly wordy today…(sorry!) Have a glimpse into their home & meet Hayden…