{Natalie Ray}--Lifestyle Newborn In-Home Session--Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I remember distinctly being nervous about this particular session as soon as I learned that these new clients lived in an apartment building. Most of my clients live in homes with big windows…so per usual, I lifted it up to the Lord & He delivered. Their apartment unit happened to be on a corner with gorgeous morning light pouring into their master bedroom & I knew immediately where I would be doing the majority of their session at upon arrival. Thank you God…you are sooo GOOD!!! I could probably write a book on all of the times God has answered my prayers about weather, lighting, clients, situations, etc. during my course of 10 years doing Photography.

This young couple also had a 2 yr. old daughter who just happened to steal the show & melted my heart. She was too cute for words & so interested in showing me all of her toys. Sometimes I use this tactic of “go get your favorite book" & show me” to sneak a few alone shots with just Mom & Baby or sometimes I end up using the book they bring me as part of my next set with the entire family sitting on the bed & reading a book. Simple ways to create “lifestyle” without having to work very hard for the shot. I remember she had a pretend camera & was taking pictures of her baby sister (whom she adored) & I like to think that maybe someday she’ll be a photographer too. =)

Some of my favorite Mother-Baby shots were taken in this tiny master bedroom…maybe it was the gorgeous light shining in, maybe it was that this new mother was radiating beauty from the inside out, or maybe it was that God answers prayers & totally showed up for me during this session in more ways than one. All I know is, these pictures speak for themselves. This family’s love for one another was so evident, it came shining through in every frame.

I say it a LOT, but it’s true…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE capturing newborns at in-home sessions…something so personal, so intimate, so beautiful.