{The Phillips Family} Castle Rock Lifestyle Family Photographer

Cold...cold doesn't begin to describe this session. Ha! Fingertips went numb, lips may have turned a funny shade of blue & we may have even take a mid-session break in our cars to warm up to the heaters!!! LOL!!! Yes, I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to the cold. But this family...they were amazing!!! I told them, pretend you're in Hawaii...sweating, it's hot!!! This is usually what I shout out to my clients during a chilly winter session...the funny thing is, I don't usually hear this response. "I was in Cancun, Mexico yesterday!!!" "What?" Yes, the dad is an airline pilot & was just in warm Mexico the 24hrs. previous. So jealous!!! Then I kept thinking...it must feel even COLDER to him. Poor guy! Despite the chilly temps & wind that morning at the Red Barn, I was able to capture some beautiful images of a beautiful family. Here's to warm thoughts on this cold January morning while I blog!;)