{Baby Scarlett} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

This family oozes grace, love, peace, patience, kindness...ok, so basically the fruits of the spirit. But seriously though...I adore them!!! They are ALWAYS a pleasure to work with & are so mild mannered and easy going that the stress just melts away.

They just added their last & final baby girl...little Miss Scarlett Grace. She is daughter #4. Ahhh...I just adore baby girls & of course being #4 myself out of all girls...it definitely holds a special place in my heart. I could already tell them that Scarlett will probably be the spitfire, free spirit & a bit hard-headed, but then again I wasn't raised in the Winters Household, soooo maybe NOT!;)

This was such a fun session & the anticipation of Scarlett coming home from the hospital was nearly more than I could handle. She was in the NICU since she was a Preemie.

I knew capturing all 4 girls at once would be a bit of a challenge especially at these ages: 5, 3.5,19 months & 19 days. BUT...we pulled it off & it literally took us three adults (myself plus Kelly & Eric). Ha!

My favorite parts about these lifestyle sessions is capturing the sweet moments in addition to the chaos that ensues. BUT honestly, like I said, because they are the Winters; there isn't much chaos. Of course there are tears----- over who gets to hold Scarlett first. Yes jealousy exits even at age 3.5 folks. Ha! But what I loved was watching dad just swoop right in & wipe the tears away or swap kids so Kelly could gracefully explain to the other child she will get her turn. It was amazing & I'm sure to them it all feels very overwhelming, but as a by-stander I must tell them...they make it look EASY & GRACEFUL.

So excited for your girls to have all sisters...I know what a blessing that is & will continue to be!!! You are all so BLESSED!!! Thank you for allowing me to capture just a snippet of the sweet moments that will be milestones one day. Many blessings to your darling family!!!