{The Osborne Family} Colorado Springs Family Lifestyle Urban Photographer

I was so excited when Danielle asked me to take their family photos. We, as a family, have gotten to know The Osborne Family throughout this year because our Sadie has become best friends with their Olivia (who we adore)!!! They are such a sweet & darling family & I'm excited that Sadie will be attending middle school with Olivia next year & hopefully go on to the same High School together!!! =) Friendship is everything...& picking the right ones makes all the difference.

After corresponding via e-mail about wardrobe/colors & choosing an urban type session, I decided that Shuga's would be the perfect location for their shoot!!! I was thrilled that they didn't want to cancel though we had just received fresh snow & would be chilly out!!! They were serious troopers out there; it was anything but warm!;) Izzy & Olivia decided it would be a good idea to pound down some Wendy's Frosty's before our session too...LOL!!! I seriously laughed so hard when dad shared that piece of info with me. :) Hee-hee!!! Crazy girls, that would explain the goosebumps & blue lips!;) Oh to be young again...

My Sadie girl joined us yesterday morning for the adventure so that Olivia would feel more at ease & I loved having her along. She even helped me choose the second location based on wardrobe since my first choice was ruled out based on "they decided to repaint their building brown." Ugh!!! We drove down early to scope out a place I shot at a few years ago to discover they repainted the building. Bummer!!! But Sadie to the rescue & it turned out perfectly!!! =)

Ok...enough chit-chat, onto their awesome, fun, fabulous session...(have I mentioned how much I love mixing it up & shooting urban lifestyle? Cause I really do.)