{The Smith Family} Colorado Springs Family Lifestyle Photographer

Spring is always unpredictable in Colorado, but I’m thankful for patient & understanding clients, like the Smith Family, who had to reschedule 3 times before we got it right. Third time’s a charm.;) These guys are amazing & have been coming to see me for a long time (since their oldest, Kendyl, was a newborn). It’s so fun to watch my return families change & grow.

I like to keep things fresh since I have annual return clients, so we try to choose new locations that are suiting for the season as well as the stage/age of their kids. Colorado College Campus is always a great spot because I love the architecture there…the fabulous arches, the steps, the wood doors on Shove Memorial Chapel as well as the detailed lights that line the sidewalks.

I love the colors that Julie chose…not only did they coordinate well with this location, but they were perfect for Spring. Take a peek at their urban session…