{Siblings: Zoe & Auggie} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Children's Photographer

Well, what can I say? I have been photographing this family since Zoe was a baby...so I'm kinda sorta attached. =) I love that we can literally pick up where we left off last & have a great time. These two siblings are always up for an adventure with me & that's exactly what we did on this beautiful spring morning. Ran in the open green grass, sat under the swoopy branches, walked through the forest & played in the creek. Life is simple & sweet at times & one of the many reasons I love my job...getting to view it through the eyes of a child (or in this case, children). Oh & just to clarify...Zoe & Auggie are extreme opposites. Zoe is social, outgoing & talkative. Auggie is quiet, shy & introverted. Here is a peek at a few of my favorites...enjoy!