{Owen's 3 month portraits} Colorado Springs Baby/Child Photographer

Meet Owen, Kyle's baby brother. He's 3 months old. Chubby & Smiley...just the way I lik'em. =) He is also part of the Townsend Family. So, just as we have been getting acquainted, POOF! He's gone too. =( I won't get to photograph this one growing up...watching his milestones like I did his siblings. But it sure was fun while it lasted. Enjoy some of his fabulous expressions & upon mom's request, we kept some of the anger/tears shots as well. Cause, let's face it...it's not all sunshine & roses...right moms?!! I also had to get a few with Owen AND Kyle and Dani (aka: mom). You'll all be missed dearly!!! Best of luck in Alabama!!! Please come back & visit. =)