{Kyle's 2yr. Portraits} Colorado Springs Children's Photographer

As I mentioned in my sneak-peek on FB, I will miss this little guys & all of his siblings and mom/dad as they just moved cross country to Alabama!!! Say What??? Yep, they are a military family. I always find it so hard to have military clients in the sense that I get so attached to my return clients & then after a few years most of them move away!!! =( I will miss this family dearly. They came & visited me often for photos & I loved watching their family grow & change. It has been fun and I can only hope they'll come back and visit me someday. =) This was Kyle's 2 yr. portraits and what I love about them is his myriad of emotions he displayed...from crabby, sad, shy to a phone call to Nona that cheered him right up. Then we even put on some Pandora and he was as happy as can be...plus some sweet tickles from mom (who always knows what's gonna work like a charm for each of her children). Enjoy a peek at our beautiful morning together at the gorgeous Ute Valley Park.