{Sarah & Tony} Colorado Springs Engagement Photographer

I wrote this amazing long, thoughtful blog post & then it got erased!!! Ugh…it’s a Wednesday that feels more like a Monday around here.

I took Sarah’s High School Senior Portraits just 2 short years ago & now she’s engaged to be married!!! Oh my, time does move quickly. When Sarah contacted me about engagement photos, she noted 2 things: 1.) she wanted a rural session & a barn if possible and 2.) a sunrise session. I immediately began scouring for a new location that would include Spring Cherry Blossoms & indeed a rustic charming Barn. I knew we were just a tad bit early for blossoms in the Springs, but maybe not Pueblo. So I contacted my friend, Hosanna, who lives down south & she had all kinds of fabulous connections for us…a beautiful park filled with Cherry Blossoms & an entire Farm including: turkeys, cows, sheep, goats, horses, ponies & indeed a charming & rustic white barn. I was sooo excited, I could hardly wait to tell Sarah!!! Now…about the SUNRISE part. I am NOT a morning person, but I’ve always offered sunrise & sunset sessions, I’ve just had never had anyone take me up on the Sunrise offer. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always wanted to do one, I’ve just never had anyone ask to do one before, so to my surprise I was in for quite a treat. Setting my alarm for 4:45am. Eeek! That wasn’t fun, but nothing a little Starbucks couldn’t fix on the drive down.;) The only disappointing part to this day was that after all the planning, driving, waking up early, there was NO sunrise. It was a cool, and by cool, I really mean freezing, cloudy Spring day!!! So, I guess I’ll have to add it back on my bucketlist. ;) It’s ok because Sarah & Tony didn’t mind one bit. They were just happy to be there & capturing their love. We had a blast (freezing our butts off & laughing at all the crazy animals & the slight “stench” in the Pueblo air.;)

P.S. The order of these images is all out of wack…I apologize in advance, but my blog is giving me issues.

{Lauren & Walker} Denver Engagement Photographer

These two. Meant to be. Hilarious. Passionate. Compatible. Great History. Seriously amazing in front of the camera!!! Ok, so here's a bit of back history on how we all met. I took Lauren's brother's High School Senior Pictures, then Engagement Photos, then wedding photos last year. Lauren comes from a very large family & now it's her turn to get married. Here's the best part...she met Walker, her fiancé, through her brother; they were best friend's in High School. Gah!  She admitted to me that she was even hesitant to say yes when he first asked her out BECAUSE of the relationship factor. Ha! I love it. They are so clearly meant to be...their connection & chemistry is undeniable and I simply cannot wait to capture their wedding day this June!!! Yes...I'm giving you more than just a snippet from their session because...um, YEAH; it's just that GOOD.=)

{Sarah & Jake} Divide, CO Engagement/Colorado Springs Engagement/Couples Photographer

From the moment Sarah & Jake stepped out of the car, I knew we were going to hit it off & have a great time!!! Their bubbly personalities & excitement for the session were so contagious!!! We had been corresponding for a few months about their engagement session & they knew exactly what they wanted...fall foliage & mountains. BOOM!!! Colorado delivered!!! They decided on Divide, Colorado & I narrowed it down to Mueller State Park (having been there for several fall seasons in a row with my own family, I knew it was gorgeous & had epic scenery to offer). Our session was nothing short of amazing!!! The lighting, the weather...I even happen to be a fan of the 2nd half of their session when the storm (which we knew was just ahead of) came rolling in & it began to drizzle. It gave those photos some sultry moodiness along with their color scheme, the pond water & some adorable candid expressions from Sarah & Jake!!! =) This couple made me smile the whole time...from hearing their love story...how they met, to how he popped the question & their love of this particular season. I think I can speak for all of us when I say, it was so much fun!!!! I kept saying...can we just come up here every weekend & do this.;) Congrats again you two...you compliment each other so very well. I hope you have the most amazing wedding day EVER!!! =)

{Amanda & Payton} Colorado Springs Engagement Photographer

When Payton's mom called to ask if I would photograph their wedding, I asked who he was engaged to? She proceeded to tell me it was Amanda, his High School sweetheart. I think I remember choking back tears!!! This is when I realized, I HAVE to be their wedding photographer. You see, I took Payton's High School Senior pictures & Amanda tagged along & was even in a few of them. Little did I know 3 years later, they would be engaged & getting married!!! I love how fate works. When you see these two together, there is no mistaking they are meant for each other. The perfect balance of teasing with respect & loving kindness. I watch how Payton is a true gentleman & takes care of her so tenderly that my heart melts. I watch how Amanda is smitten by Payton & trusts him with every ounce of her being! Yes, they are young (& I happened to get married young), but when ya know, ya know! =) They are going to Disneyworld on their Honeymoon (they're there right now in fact) & no doubt having the time of their lives!!! Payton is in the military & was deployed during their entire 6 month engagement. It wasn't until days before they got married that he returned. Which is why you'll be seeing engagement photos back to back with their wedding photos. They literally were 4 days apart. =) But I wanted to be able to work with them & v.v. to see how our chemistry was & see how I operate behind the lens. They were unbelievably easy to guide through a session, so I knew their wedding day would be no different. Thanks for being amazing & congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Martin!!! Enjoy a peek at our beautiful summer evening together...