{Sarah & Tony} Colorado Springs Engagement Photographer

I wrote this amazing long, thoughtful blog post & then it got erased!!! Ugh…it’s a Wednesday that feels more like a Monday around here.

I took Sarah’s High School Senior Portraits just 2 short years ago & now she’s engaged to be married!!! Oh my, time does move quickly. When Sarah contacted me about engagement photos, she noted 2 things: 1.) she wanted a rural session & a barn if possible and 2.) a sunrise session. I immediately began scouring for a new location that would include Spring Cherry Blossoms & indeed a rustic charming Barn. I knew we were just a tad bit early for blossoms in the Springs, but maybe not Pueblo. So I contacted my friend, Hosanna, who lives down south & she had all kinds of fabulous connections for us…a beautiful park filled with Cherry Blossoms & an entire Farm including: turkeys, cows, sheep, goats, horses, ponies & indeed a charming & rustic white barn. I was sooo excited, I could hardly wait to tell Sarah!!! Now…about the SUNRISE part. I am NOT a morning person, but I’ve always offered sunrise & sunset sessions, I’ve just had never had anyone take me up on the Sunrise offer. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always wanted to do one, I’ve just never had anyone ask to do one before, so to my surprise I was in for quite a treat. Setting my alarm for 4:45am. Eeek! That wasn’t fun, but nothing a little Starbucks couldn’t fix on the drive down.;) The only disappointing part to this day was that after all the planning, driving, waking up early, there was NO sunrise. It was a cool, and by cool, I really mean freezing, cloudy Spring day!!! So, I guess I’ll have to add it back on my bucketlist. ;) It’s ok because Sarah & Tony didn’t mind one bit. They were just happy to be there & capturing their love. We had a blast (freezing our butts off & laughing at all the crazy animals & the slight “stench” in the Pueblo air.;)

P.S. The order of these images is all out of wack…I apologize in advance, but my blog is giving me issues.


While most of you know, I don't LOVE the snow, I will say...it's beautiful in that it brings this blanket of soft silence, peacefulness & a calm that is hard to explain, but you can feel it all around. I love that it feels new, pure, clean & like a fresh start. I also love that a good pop of red is a perfect contrast to it. I had this vision (I even created a Pinterest Board on Winter Photography Inspiration) a while back that if we ever got dumped on or at least a pretty snowfall, I would drag Sadie outside wearing RED to capture some beautiful contrasted images. So, TODAY, that's exactly what I did. 

I of course had MY vision & she of course had HERS. LOL!!! We were clearly NOT on the same page, but with a little begging & pleading...I won!;) I knew with this 14 year old teenager, I wouldn't have very much time. Boy, was I right. I literally nailed the 2 shots plus 2 frames in under 3 minutes. YEP!!! 3 minutes was all I got. She was cold, it was windy & she HATED what I asked her to wear. But darn it...I told her she'll love what I got and yep; she did!!! Mom's are always right! Ha! 

Win-Win all around. I simply wanted 1 close-up with a furry hood, because who doesn't love a furry hood wintery close-up that shows off your eyes. Plus her eyes look especially green with the pines behind her. I also wanted 1 pull-back shot showing off the pop of red against the blowing white snow & pines. The other two were the extra freebies...one she was actually smiling in because she was ditching me; the other cranky from the wind/cold. Ha! I still like them both!

Stay warm. Enjoy the view. Feel the peace.

{Donika & Thomas Maternity Session} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Maternity Photogapher

Like I said, I'm playing catch up on my blogging...so bare with me. Some of you may remember this adorable couple, some of you may not. I took their sweet maternity session back in mid-September. Since then, they had their adorable baby boy, Felix, in late October & I had the honor of taking their lifestyle newborn session too. 

I was obsessed with this session...I can still remember how dreamy the light was on that Indian Summer Evening. We took pictures on their private 5 acre property in the Black Forest. The sunset filtered through the tall pines perfectly...there is even a shot of Donkia by herself where she looks angelic in her cream lace dress, the pregnancy glow on her face...it was pure magic!!! Thomas, her hubby was cracking me up during the entire session. He was giggling from photo nerves & whispering secrets that had Donkia laughing too!!! By their second outfit change everyone was so relaxed & at ease...we finished just as the sun disappeared; it was a perfect evening. Enjoy a peek...