{Hayden's 1yr. Lifestyle Session} Colorado Springs Child Photographer

Oh my goodness…I walked away with such a high on this day!!! For starters, it was an absolutely gorgeous day…73 degrees, partly sunny, partly cloudy & no wind. A Christmas Miracle for Spring in Colorado in my opinion .;) I had the honor of photographing sweet little Hayden 1 yr. ago when he was just days old at a Lifestyle Newborn In-Home Session & I have said it before, but I just feel so thankful & blessed when my clients choose to include me at their child’s 1yr. celebrations…whether that means capturing their son or duaghter’s milestone with a lifestyle session or capturing them devouring cake at a party. I love it all!!! Hayden was FULL of smiles, toothy grins & was 100% obsessed with balls; in particular, basket balls. To no surprise however; since his Ma-Ma is an AFA Women’s Basketball Coach!!! How cool is that? I guess Hayden tags along to the practices & games quite a bit…where no doubt all the players ooh & aah over him. What a doll. He’s genuinely one of the happiest 1yr. olds I have had the pleasure of photographing. Then again I say that a lot, so I must just have Happy & Awesome clients!!! YES!!!! =) Working with Blake & Erin at their first outdoor lifestyle session with me was a breeze…they were so easy-going, full of everyday conversation & followed my ques of crazy connection so well. I look forward to many more sessions capturing their beautiful little family.

{McKenzie's 9 month} Colorado Springs Children's Portrait Photographer

McKenzie's Mom contacted me when McKenzie was a baby & asked if I offered bundle packages from birth to 1yr. old. I do in fact. I will custom create packages to watch your baby grow through the big milestones. Contact me if you're interested. This is such a fun way to capture them at 3, 6, 9 months & the big 1yr. I thoroughly enjoyed watching little Miss McKenzie grow & change. But 9 months was by far my favorite. =) We met at Dirty Woman Creek Park in Monument on a crisp fall morning & it was perfect. She always shows up with an entourage & this day was no different...with grandparents visiting, mom & dad, etc. We placed her near the creek, splashed a bit in the creek & sat in her great, great grandfather's rocking chair...the cutest. Take a peek...

{Sebastian--6months} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Baby/Child Photographer

Nothing brings me greater joy than having a family come back to me over & over again and watching their family grow & change. I had the honor of taking Sebastian's Lifestyle Newborn Session this past January in Denver and NOW his 6 month portraits. Where does time go? I ask myself that daily!!! What a sweet, smiley little guy Sebastian is. I loved watching him sit up tall & attempt to crawl with this proud look on his face...then laugh & giggle at his mama with eyes so wide. He's also in the beginning stages of teething so I loved capturing some of the drool that accompanies it.;) He last a full 30 minutes with not a single fuss. What a precious little blessing. I hope I get to see him at his 1yr...another fun milestone. Here is a peek at our simply sweet summery session at the Red Barn...(don't you just LOVE all those "S's" ;))

{Nate's 1yr.} Rainbow Cake Smash!!!

So Alissa (aka: mom) & Iplanned to have Nate's cake smash outdoors originally, but with the big snow storm a day before, we knew we would have to do it indoors. This was somewhat of a last minute decision & even though we had wrinkled sheets, a busy (walking) 1yr. old & a room full of people watching on...we pulled it off without a hitch!!! Alissa was concerned about the lighting in her home, but all I needed was one big window to work with & it was golden!

Nate is one of the happiest babies I have ever had the privilege of working with. He is (like I said) busy, smiley & happy as can be. He even kept on his party hat during the entire session...something to which I don't believe I've ever witnessed before. The 1yr. matching personalized onesie with bowtie just topped it all off!!! Of course we took some before "portraits" of his adorable grin, then the cake was revealed & though he was slow in the beginning to discover the sweet treat...eventually he dove in full force & THOROUGHLY enjoyed it.=)

Though I don't typically stick around for clean-up duty...since this was an in-home session (the uplanned part) I asked Alissa if I could sneak in & snap a few of bath time. I'm so glad I did...because truly these are some of my faves!!! You just never know what can take place during a session, but if you are willing to roll with the punches; GREATNESS can happen!

Take a peek...

{The Derbigny Family} Colorado Springs Lifestyle/Portrait Family Photographer

This was a culmination of celebrating little Brantley's 1st Birthday & a Family Session all in one. I think we definitely accomplished that on this perfect fall evening. The weather was unbelievable perfect. The kind of night that makes you want to camp in your backyard (& that's saying something, because I'm not the camping type. LOL!!!) The lighting was exceptional. I kept gasping throughout this session because of the light behind them & shining through the amazing fall foliage. It was amazing!!! This family was nothing shy of "magazine worthy" photogenically speaking & ummm...hi, they are gorgeous!!!=) I had so much fun watching Brantley collect pine-cones, run back & forth between mom & dad & clap his hands. He was one busy & active 1yr. old already walking all around & jabbering up a storm. One of my favorite ages for sure!!! Enjoy a peek from our session...

{Silas--1yr. Portraits} Colorado Springs Lifestyle/Portrait Baby Photographer

Oh my goodness...what a cutie little Silas was!!! He was snoozing right before his session so mom was a little nervous about how he would do. Well, no worries mom...he did GREAT!!! I have never seen such adorable expression from a 1yr. old before!!! He was full of smiles, surprise, curiosity, shy, coy, etc. We decided to keep the props simple & I'm so glad we did...sometimes those are the best sessions...they just keep the focus on the little one!!! I love how proudly he sat on the crate, chair & walked with his ma-ma holding her hand in his "1" crown!!! Apparently he was a go-getter at his 1st Birthday Party & LOVED his cake!!! Ha-ha, I love it!!! Here is a peek at a sweet, simple, September Session with Silas.

{Baby Harriet--4 months old} Colorado Springs Baby Portrait Photographer

Sweet baby girl Harriet just turned 4 months old & has 3 older sisters. Ahhh...I just love a big family of girls, since I grew up in one. =) A special bond to have sisters!!! I'm thankful everyday for the 3 older sisters God gave me. Harriet was all smiles even throughout all the prop & outfit changes. Such a sweetie & those big beautiful brown eyes are just gorgeous. Here is a peek at our evening together...

{Keegan's 3 month portraits} Colorado Springs Baby Photographer

I seriously adore this family & baby Keegan...oh be still my beating heart!!! What a doll. We may not have gotten a lot of smiles on this particular morning, but he was as sweet as could be as we bounced him from bucket to crate to tummy time & back time!!! I just LOVE working with the babies & outdoor sessions...even BETTER.<3 We met at Rock Ledge Ranch on this warm summer morning. The lighting and long green grass were the perfect touch to these dreamy photos of 3 month old Keegan. AND...it wouldn't be a photoshoot without his big sister, Kendyl hopping in a few frames!!!;) Aren't they the cutest???

{Owen's 3 month portraits} Colorado Springs Baby/Child Photographer

Meet Owen, Kyle's baby brother. He's 3 months old. Chubby & Smiley...just the way I lik'em. =) He is also part of the Townsend Family. So, just as we have been getting acquainted, POOF! He's gone too. =( I won't get to photograph this one growing up...watching his milestones like I did his siblings. But it sure was fun while it lasted. Enjoy some of his fabulous expressions & upon mom's request, we kept some of the anger/tears shots as well. Cause, let's face it...it's not all sunshine & roses...right moms?!! I also had to get a few with Owen AND Kyle and Dani (aka: mom). You'll all be missed dearly!!! Best of luck in Alabama!!! Please come back & visit. =)

{The Immel Family} Denver Lifestyle Family Photographer

This family always brings a smile to my face. I'm not sure if it's their southern hospitality or their easy-going, low-key, go-with-the-flow attitude, but they bring me an ease that is really indescribable. I had the honor of taking their maternity pics, lifestyle newborn pics & now little at 6 months old. Wow...I love getting to work with return clients & watching their families grow & change. It's such a special privilege. We shot on one of those unusually warm winter days where the sun had melted a considerable amount of snow (which typically is a good thing), but at Daniel's Park it meant a LOT of slipping & sliding like pigs in the mud. LOL!!! We had a few good laughs at the situation & made the most of the location. I still was able to capture some beautiful breath-taking images of Cynthia & Chris loving on their "little bug."

And that's a WRAP!!! I"m officially caught up for 2015. =) Yay...(insert Happy Dance)!!! Bring on 2016 photoshoots & current blogging.

{The Lenox Family} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Family Photographer

Clare contacted me about getting pictures to celebrate her daughter's upcoming 1st Birthday, but including Mom & Dad too. Of course I was excited to be meeting/working with a new family & they couldn't have picked a better night. It was a quiet, crisp fall evening in October...with beautiful colors all around & the sunset was just right. I just love working with this age...one year olds are so curious & cute. It's fun to see the world through their eyes & little Janie was so no exception!!! She rocked the pumpkin hat like nobody's business. =) Those cheeks & eyes...so adorable!!! Here is a peek at our evening session...

{Kyle} Colorado Springs Child Portrait & Cake Smash Photographer

I cannot believe Mr. cutie-pie, Kyle, is 1 yrs. old already!!! I have been photographing him since he was in his ma-ma's tummy. What a fabulously fun session his Cake Smash was. I laughed during the entire hour of shooting. This little guy has so many adorable expressions & those 4 little teethers are the cutest...oh my!!! My kiddos came along since it's summer now & I thought I could use their help...they were great at getting him to smile, look in my direction & Dani (mom) was great at getting him to giggle. It took him a while to warm up as he was teething & I so remember those days. Ugh! But once we pulled out the cake...he was SOOO HAPPY!!! I have never seen a 1yr. old devour cake like he did. He went to town...fingers, toes, nose...he was thoroughly enjoying himself & had a very full belly by the end. But my favorite part of the session by far was when we all stood around & began singing "Happy Birthday to you..." his face lit up & he began to dance. What a sweet, sweet boy. I cannot wait to continue to watch him grow as mom as promised pictures at every big milestone: 18 months, 2 yrs, 3yrs, etc. I love getting to see my return clients change & grow. Here are a few of my favorites from our beautiful morning together at Monument Valley Park. Enjoy...

{Kyle} 9 month Portraits---Colorado Springs Baby Photographer

This vintage Coca-Cola inspired baby session was so much fun with sweet, smiley Mr. Kyle. I have had the privilege of taking Kyle's photos since before he was born...his mama's maternity photos, his newborn, 3 month, 6 month & now 9. It has been so fun to watch him change & grow with each passing milestone right along side his mama (who I now consider a friend). =) She's always up for any location, any ideas I have...which is one of the reasons I love working with her...she shops & comes up with his adorable ensembles, I provide the props & voila'; throw in a cute baby & you've got another fabulous session. Enjoy a peek at our sunny afternoon down in Old Colorado City...