{Kasey: Liberty High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

Who loves sunflowers, black-eyed susans, whatever you want to call them? I’m not so good with the names of flowers, but I do know I love them…especially open fields of them!!! So does Kasey…so it couldn’t have been more perfect when we stumbled upon this open field of them at Bear Creek Regional Park last summer. It was stunning & with the mountains in the background…SWOON!

Kasey was so much fun to work with…all smiles, bubbly, happy. I just adored this girl from head to toe!!! We had so much fun together exploring Old Colorado City & soaking up the happiness of the wildflowers and beauty all around us.

I really do love my photoshoots with clients…now if I could just skip the editing part.;)

Take a peek at Kasey’s full session below…

{Hayden's 1yr. Lifestyle Session} Colorado Springs Child Photographer

Oh my goodness…I walked away with such a high on this day!!! For starters, it was an absolutely gorgeous day…73 degrees, partly sunny, partly cloudy & no wind. A Christmas Miracle for Spring in Colorado in my opinion .;) I had the honor of photographing sweet little Hayden 1 yr. ago when he was just days old at a Lifestyle Newborn In-Home Session & I have said it before, but I just feel so thankful & blessed when my clients choose to include me at their child’s 1yr. celebrations…whether that means capturing their son or duaghter’s milestone with a lifestyle session or capturing them devouring cake at a party. I love it all!!! Hayden was FULL of smiles, toothy grins & was 100% obsessed with balls; in particular, basket balls. To no surprise however; since his Ma-Ma is an AFA Women’s Basketball Coach!!! How cool is that? I guess Hayden tags along to the practices & games quite a bit…where no doubt all the players ooh & aah over him. What a doll. He’s genuinely one of the happiest 1yr. olds I have had the pleasure of photographing. Then again I say that a lot, so I must just have Happy & Awesome clients!!! YES!!!! =) Working with Blake & Erin at their first outdoor lifestyle session with me was a breeze…they were so easy-going, full of everyday conversation & followed my ques of crazy connection so well. I look forward to many more sessions capturing their beautiful little family.

{The Qualls Family} Colorado Springs Family Lifestyle Photographer

Getting caught up on blogging today! Phew!!! Didn't realize how far behind I was & how quickly that can happen. Yikes!

Fortunately for me, I'm blogging some of my favorite sessions to date. Meet the adorable & oh so sweet Qualls Family. They have been faithful clients for a very long time & I'm so sad to say they area moving to TN this summer!!! I can only hope they come back & visit me often. Marli & Gracie are two of the sweetest faces, smiles & sisters I have had the privilege of photographing. Amy & Kyle are such patient & awesome parents...I have always loved watching them with their girls. So so sweet. They chose Bear Creek Regional Park for this session this Spring & we had re-scheduled several times due to (you guessed it...WEATHER), but I'm so glad we waited because the evening of their session was absolutely perfect in temperature & lighting. We had such a fun night exploring together & watching Miss Gracie chase lady-bugs, pick flowers & run barefoot through the grass. Enjoy a peek at our perfect spring evening together...

{The Grage Family} Colorado Springs Family Photographer

This family has such a sweet dynamic & I loved watching them interact with one another during the course of our brief 30 minutes. We met at the lovely Bear Creek Regional Park because my clients live close by (luckies.;0) We had a calm, warm, partly sunny evening & the temp was JUST RIGHT. Everyone's schedules are hectic the older your kids get, so you can imagine how difficult it was to squeeze this session in! We got straight to the point & captured this family's love for one another all together (which apparently had been a while) so I was thankful I was able to capture it for them!!! As we headed to the parking lot, they had one final request..."can we get a group pic with the Jeep Wrangler?" I know that sounds funny they proceeded to say...to which I responded, "Not at all." I happen to love Jeeps & I have done full sessions based around them before. Nothing is odd or funny to me after 7 years of shooting sessions! Here is a peek from their session...

{The McWilliams Family} Colorado Springs Family Portrait/Lifestyle Photographer

I love the McWilliams Family...not only are they a hoot to work with, but every single one of them are photogenic & they have been coming back to me annually for at least 4 or 5 years now. It's always fun when Kristen contacts me to book their session because (I've said it before & I'll say it again) return clients are my favorite clients. It really speaks volumes to me & tells me I must be doing something right to have people return to me every year. Makes my heart happy!!! =) This year Kristen outdid herself...would you look at that hot ma-ma in her dress!!! Va-Va-Va-VOOM!She looked absolutely stunning!!! She messaged me months before her session with this dress she ordered online & I knew it was going to look amazing in the photos, but it was even more amazing in person. Looked great on her & of course Kylie always steals the show with those blonde long locks & killer baby blues. =) She's a daddy's girl through & through (a girl after my own heart)! Of course I know Hunter & Colton are going to show up all smiles & character. I wonder where they get it from (Mark aka: dad???).;) So Kristen decided upon Bear Creek Regional Park this year & it did not disappoint. I am always a sucker for the incredible evening sunset sessions with those bluish/purpely mountains in the background. Makes ya swoon a bit. Here is a peek at our time together...

{Mason--Palmer Ridge High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Portrait Photographer

Wow...I'm a bit behind on blogging!!! Oops! Ha!

This is Mason. Isn't he easy on the eyes?!=) Mason loves the camera & the camera loves him. He's not just good looks, he's also very intelligent, athletic & has plans to be a pilot. Soo soo cool. Ironically Mason's mom is the principal at Antelope Trails Elementary School; where my kiddos went to school for 6 years!!! I love what a small world it is...she didn't even know who I was until we got chatting via e-mails. Laura is such a sweet, involved mama & wants the best for her son. We decided on The Broadmoor Hotel & Bear Creek Regional Park for his pictures & we got a beautiful sunny summer day. We ended with a few favorite pics with him & his girlfriend, Aly. (Whom you might recognize as one of the Twins I also took Senior pics for earlier in the summer). Small world indeed! =)  I know his future looks bright & mom and dad are PROUD!!! I hope you have an awesome Senior year at Palmer Ridge High School Mason!!! Congrats in advance. =) Here is a peek at his session...



...& some of the cute couple. High School Sweethearts!!!=)

{Jordan--Doherty High School Senior--Class of 2017} Colorado Springs High School Senior Portrait Photographer

Jordan...a true sweetheart with a gentle & quiet spirt, who is beautiful inside & out. I loved meeting & working with Jordan, her mom & bff. It was a great session from start to finish!!! We met at Bear Creek Regional Park & finished in Downtown Colorado Springs. I loved hearing about her love for sports; tennis & volley-ball in particular. She also volunteered as a Senior this year to help the underclassmen get comfortable in the High School setting. Told ya, total sweet-heart!!! I got a kick out of watching her & her bff, Olivia, tease one another & giggle; made for some great genuine smiles during her session. I hope you have an amazing Senior year, Jordan & best of luck to all of your future endeavors. =)

{Sarah--TCA H.S. Senior--Class of 2017} Colorado Springs High School Senior Portrait Photographer

I just adored meeting Sarah. She is sweet, smart, social, sensitive & stunning!!! Really, such a gem to work with. She was up for any crazy idea I had...like tip-toeing through the creek barefoot just to get a few good shots.=) I adored her sense of fashion & her love for volleyball. I have a feeling with those long muscular legs, she is quite the spiker on the court & I would love to watch her play!!! I hope you have the MOST amazing Senior year Sarah & that you thoroughly enjoy learning more about meteorology!!! Oh & one last thing...for those of you that are fans of the show "The Bachelor" I found Sarah's doppelganger...it's Becca from Season 20 (Chris was the Bachelor). Just thought I'd share.;) I posted a side by side on my Instagram Photography account if you follow me, you can check it out over there. I love when I have "celebrity-look-alikes" for my Seniors. It's so fun!!! In past years I have had a Kiera Knightly, James Van Der Beek. I love my job!!! Ha! Enjoy a peek at Sarah's Session...



{Aly: Coronado H.S.--Class of 2017} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

Aly...amazingly talented & gifted swimmer... & the way she ROCKS the color blue; I like to think of her as a little fishy!;) But she is really much more than that. I met a girl who is sweet inside & out, down to earth, smart, beautiful & has big dreams. It was so much fun meeting & working with you Aly (and mom)...I have no doubt you will do amazing things in your future!!! Here is a peek at our Colorado Summer evening together & yay for NO RAIN!!! (the forecast called for it & we lucked out).