{Lauren & Walker's Maternity Session} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Maternity Photographer

So…I’m taking on a new tactic for blogging…staying current! LOL!!! Or at least I’m trying. I was over 50 sessions behind from 2018, so instead of getting further behind by trying to catch up, I have decided to blog right after I take my sessions.

Meet Lauren & Walker…they are expecting their first baby girl mid June & I couldn’t be more happy & excited for them!!! They are awesome people & will no doubt be incredible parents. =) I have had the privilege of taking their engagement photos, capture their wedding day & now document that cute baby bump!!!

As hopeful as I was for Spring Cherry Blossoms, we were about a month too early here in Colorado Springs. So we settled for Phelan Gardens…where they met ALL of our needs & then some. They have the most amazing helpful & kind staff…gorgeous flowers, plants, trees & did I mention it feels like SUMMER in there? I LOVED that last Tuesday night when we met for pictures. I was able to ditch my jacket which I haven’t done while shooting in what seems like FOREVER.

One of my favorite things about working with Lauren & Walker is they are easy & chill & we always have so much fun together!!! Even if I ramble and don’t make sense…they get me & I love that! Thanks guys for your grace. =) I loved getting to reminisce while chatting with Lauren about all of the new experiences of your first pregnancy, from morning sickness to feeling baby move, to your milk coming in & growing ginormous boobs. Ha!!!!

While I was photographing solo shots of Lauren with her baby bump, I told her how beautiful she looks & how she has that “pregnancy glow” to which she laughed & replied, “no, my sister just put on really great highlight.” LOL!!! To which I replied, “better than sweat from the puking stage.” Ha-ha!!! No matter what the “glowy” reason, Lauren looks absolutely stunning with her growing Baby Bump!!!

After a quick outfit change, we drove over to Palmer Park to capture the Colorado front range with some pines, yuccas & sandstone. Although we didn’t catch a sunset that evening because the clouds/wind blew in…we still laughed our way through some of my favorite shots from their session. The highlight for me was capturing Walker help his expecting wife walk back up the trail towards the car…I just love how they are hand in hand. And of course, true to Courtney-Style, I had to throw in an impromptu que…spin her, dance, kiss. I love catching people off-guard (but mostly towards the end of a session…when everyone is comfortable with me & how I operate). They produce the best, most REAL pics in my opinion.

Enjoy a glimpse into our beautiful & heart-felt Maternity Session together. If you are expecting & or know someone that is, it’s not too late to book a Lifestyle Maternity Session with me. =) I just love those baby bumps!

{Donika & Thomas Maternity Session} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Maternity Photogapher

Like I said, I'm playing catch up on my blogging...so bare with me. Some of you may remember this adorable couple, some of you may not. I took their sweet maternity session back in mid-September. Since then, they had their adorable baby boy, Felix, in late October & I had the honor of taking their lifestyle newborn session too. 

I was obsessed with this session...I can still remember how dreamy the light was on that Indian Summer Evening. We took pictures on their private 5 acre property in the Black Forest. The sunset filtered through the tall pines perfectly...there is even a shot of Donkia by herself where she looks angelic in her cream lace dress, the pregnancy glow on her face...it was pure magic!!! Thomas, her hubby was cracking me up during the entire session. He was giggling from photo nerves & whispering secrets that had Donkia laughing too!!! By their second outfit change everyone was so relaxed & at ease...we finished just as the sun disappeared; it was a perfect evening. Enjoy a peek...

{Diana + Weston} Castle Rock Lifestyle Maternity Photographer

I couldn't choose which pictures to highlight from this session...truly this sweet couple was so laid back & easy going...every image was another favorite!!! They chose Spruce Mnt. Open Space as their location because they fell in love with the cool rocks in the background & also because they were married nearby not long ago. I just love a good love story & continued tradition!!! They are expecting their first baby (it's a BOY) April 6th & are so excited!!! I can't help but begin to reminisce with my clients when hearing of all the details of their pregnancy journey each time. I just adored being pregnant & so has Diana!!! No morning sickness, healthy, just a bit of sleepless nights...(which truthfully is just preparing her for baby's arrival anyway.;)). I adored working with this awesome couple & watching their interaction with one another...especially when talking about baby to be!!! Cannot wait to hear of his arrival & hopefully have the chance to meet him!!! Enjoy a peek at our beautiful morning together...


{Dani + Family} Colorado Springs Maternity Photographer

I know if you follow my blog that you'll be thinking...didn't we just hear about this Dani lady? And the answer is YES, yes you did. You see, she is my awesome client who just so happens to love photos as much as I do...if not more!!! Hah!!! GASP! It's true...she calls me up all the time wanting photos of her babies (she has 3 & #4 is on his/her way). Hence the reason for this last particular session. I should also note I think she looks smokin' HOT for expecting baby #4!!! She rocked her little pink lacy dress AND heels (may I add) like nobody's business! I mean come on...I wouldn't have been caught dead in heels at 38 weeks, or even 16 weeks if we are gonna be honest here.;) Dani doesn't know what gender she is having the 4th time around & I just love surprises. I think girl, but maybe it's because she wore pink & looked stunning in it? All I know is that her three other kids want a baby sister...which I think is so so sweet!!! I cannot wait...boy or girl, to meet their sweet new addition SOON!!! In the meantime...check out her BUMP.;)

{Julie + Family} Colorado Springs Maternity Photographer

I adore this family so much & the fact that they are adding a little boy to the crew soon makes it all the sweeter!!! Cannot wait to meet 2yr. old Kendyl's baby brother due at the end of March!!! This session was taken in two parts, but you'd never know it...part 1 was overcast, windy & cold, so we decided to postpone for warmer weather. Boy, did we luck out! Part 2 was sunny, warm & beautiful. I had a blast finding ways to distract Kendyl during our session...from magic flowers to sticks & rocks. She did AWESOME & we were able to capture some sweet family candids...by the end she was giving kisses & hugs all around. This is exactly why I love this age. =) Enjoy a peek at our time together...

{Jenna & Tom} Colorado Springs Maternity Photographer

From the moment Jenna stepped out of the car my heart skipped a beat. She was dressed like a Greek Goddess in a white flowing gown & her skin glowed from the baby bump...it was all too much; I was in heaven. Sometimes it's the little things that inspire me. On this night...it was just that & the killer lighting. Yes, it's true, we have a lot of sunny days in Colorado, but when you get the perfect sunset during a photoshoot as a photographer, it just makes your whole night!!! Tom & Jenna shared such sweet tender moments together anticipating the arrival of their sweet baby girl, Olivia. It was darling & I felt honored to be able to capture this precious moment in their lives. We chose to get all of the mountain front range along with the Garden of the Gods in the background during their session during the first half & end at the stone bridge for the second half. It was such a complete feeling session...I love how every single image turned out. Congrats on the birth of your daughter you two...ya'll make perfect parents. (Remember I'm catching up on blogging...so Miss Olivia is right around 4 months already!=))

{Cyntia & Chris} Castle Rock Maternity Photographer

Instantly fell in love with this couple. Hearing their story & now baby is on his way. Couldn't be more happy for them!!! Not to mention...look at how beautiful Cynthia looks in these images. She is glowing & that baby bump is just darling! I simply cannot wait to meet their new little bundle of joy to be. =) We met on a sunny Saturday morning at the Red Barn & the weather was perfect. Not another photographer in site, which is a rare thing for this awesome location. It was just the three of us...carrying on conversation & capturing the joy that is in their hearts & on their faces. Cynthia was a natural in front of the lens & Chris...well, like most guys, not a big fan of being in front of the camera, but with my teasing "skills" in use, he did GREAT!!! I had such a wonderful time getting to know each of them...I'm anxious for our next session together with baby. Till then...enjoy a peek at our morning together...

{Lauren & Mark} Colorado Springs Maternity Photographer

Obsessed is the best way to describe this dreamy maternity session. I seriously I had a hard time concentrating while editing...I just kept getting distracted image after image. I fell more in love with each passing picture on my screen. This was my first time meeting Lauren & Mark...it was instant chemistry. They were so natural in front of the camera & with each other; it made shooting a breeze. To top things off we had the most amazing sunset!!! I love that Lauren showed up with multiple outfit changes...& made the most of her full hour. Not only was I able to capture gorgeous couple shots that showed their love for one another & baby to be, but the individual shots of Lauren's bump had me ewing & awing while editing. She just has that beautiful expecting mama glow!!! So excited for the two of them...as baby boy also their firstborn is due May 19th (or somewhere around there...as we all know how babies have a mind of their own when it comes to their arrival.) I simply cannot WAIT to meet this little guy & see them as new parents. Such a precious & fleeting time...I feel honored to catch snippets of these special moments together on their journey as a new family!!! Until then, enjoy a peek at our beautiful evening together...

{Alli & Family} Maternity Session---Colorado Springs Maternity Photographer

After rescheduling this session 3 times due to all of the snowy blizzards, needless to say, we were all ready for this shoot!!! We got the most gorgeous sunshine filled morning though...so it was well worth the wait. I adored chatting up a storm with this new & adorable family!!! Hearing their excitement about their baby boy (to be) brought me back to when we were expecting Sawyer, our son. Big sister (to be), Savannah, is equally excited about the adventure ahead!=) Having only lived in Colorado Springs for about a year, they chose to do their session in the historic Garden of the Gods to remember this season of their life before they move again. Yes, you guessed it...a military family. It was so interesting to hear about all of the places they have lived & how each place holds a special place in their hearts. Savannah was born in Georgia...so fitting. Though their soon son still does not have a name...I'm certain Colorado will have an impact on their choice. Can't wait to meet him next month (for newborn pics) & of course hear what they end up naming him. Till then...enjoy a glimpse at our morning together...