{Carly--Sand Creek High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

LOVED working with Carly, just like I LOVED working with her sister, Shelby, a few years back & if you saw them side by side, you probably wouldn't know who was who? They aren't twins, just definite sisters & I just adore them both...and MOM, aka: Tammy; she's the BEST!!! Seriously though...they are each so fabulous to work with!!! Carly has the "it" factor as I like to call it. Looks, moves, smarts, she's got "it" all going on!;) We met at Monument Valley Park & ended in Downtown Colorado Springs for her 2hr. session. I think they were the perfect location choices for Carly. MVP highlighted her gorgeous green eyes with the green hues of August light in her cream t-shirt dress & fabulous hat accessory. I'm a sucker for hats!;) Downtown has it's own vibe; edgy, energy, eclectic & because Carly knows how to work the camera...I was in awe of giving little direction & just watching her in her element doing her thing. She just kept on impressing me throughout her session. Here is a snippet of the "it" factor at work.;)