{The Lewis Family} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Family Photographer

I was thrilled when I dropped down into the Springs from Monument to see the sun & blue skies on my way to this photoshoot. I’m telling you it’s two different worlds & often I struggle to know what the weather pattern holds for me as I travel here & there for my sessions. Each season bringing different challenges. Ha! I’m always up for a good challenge & God is always good to be faithful for what I need.

I adore this gorgeous little family & look forward to seeing them every year. Monique is perfectly stunning in every way & always does an outstanding job dressing her crew accordingly. I told her on Saturday that she totally inspires me with her CrossFit posts…she’s in killer shape & super strong for such a tiny little frame. She’s 100% in love with those sweet boys in her life & I love watching her love on them. There is such a real & genuine connection in every frame. Not much could make me much happier on this day…the Cherry Blossoms were in full SPRING (see what I did there?!);) and the sun was out. I love my job & I can’t wait for busy season. BRING IT ON!!!

{Kendall: Palmer Ridge High School Senior} Colorado Springs/Monument Senior Photographer

Kendall had me at hello. =) No, seriously though...loved working with this girl. She has a heart of gold. She is genuine, nurturing, and has the most amazing contagious smile you've ever seen. I adored her mom & sister who tagged along. We had gorgeous weather, fun new inspiring locations & all around the most amazing time. I always tell my Seniors, you make me feel YOUNG AGAIN, but it's soooo true! I just connect with this age group. And as my own daughter gets older & will be attending Palmer Ridge herself next year as a Freshman (whoah...just had a freak out moment as I typed that!!!) it just gets more real & more relatable for me. Kendall was such a joy to work with, if I can even call it "work." I love my job & I love my clients. She texted me pics of her outfits in advance which always helps me determine backdrops, especially for the urban portion of the session, but sometimes with rural too. The weather on this spring morning was unbelievable as were the smiles & laughter. My favorite sets of Kendall are definitely in the simple blue dress as they highlighted her eyes. Cannot wait to hear which college you choose to study nursing at...you will be amazing at it. Best of luck during your Senior year. Go get'em girl!!! Take a peek...

{Spring Mini-Sessions} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Photographer

I was feeling uber inspired last Spring & thought…what the heck; I should just put my “feelers” out there on Social media & see who might be interested in Spring Mini’s. Well, I had NO IDEA how much it would blow up!!! It was such a HUGE SUCCESS…I think I will definitely be adding it to my list of “annual must do’s.” Originally, I had planned on offering them inside a local greenhouse nursery, but as it turns out, the one I checked out in weeks prior with my daughter was MUCH TOO SMALL to hold all of the families I was going to be photographing, so pretty last minute, I changed the location to Monument Valley Park & it did NOT disappoint. The buds were blooming on the weeping willow trees, grass was green, water was sparkling & sun was out. I couldn’t have been more blessed on this particular weekend!!! Everything was perfect. Most of all——by the awesome families & couples that came to see me. All smiles, laughs & good times!!! Check out a handful of my favorite shots!

ALSO…don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled again this Spring…as My Mini-Sessions that I periodically offer, are run as SPECIALS & only offered at limited times & in limited quantity. Sign ups will be by e-mail appointment only & full deposit is now required in advance. Don’t miss out…they go FAST!!!

{The Vrooman Family} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Family Photographer

This cute little fam were all sunshine & roses. We enjoyed a free-spirit kind of morning frolicking at the park in the sunshine, avoiding puddles (since little guy was wearing white), playing hide & seek, 1,2,3 swing & other games. I loved capturing them interacting as a family of three...such doting parents with their son's every curiosity & request; seriously the sweetest. i love capturing families of three. I realize it is such a fleeting stage for most (as it was only 19 months for my husband & I). So brief & so tender...definitely a favorite stage to reflect back on. Enjoy a peek at our morning together underneath the willow trees...

{Katie: Liberty High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

So, the hubby is out of town again & I'm super behind on blogging...this seemed like as good of a night as any to play "catch up." 

Meet Katie...Liberty High School Senior, Graduating Class of 2018. I remember this summery session so well (which I know some of you are thinking, "really? YOU remember?"Only because I have a bad memory. But the funny thing about my memory is...I have a terrible short term, but awesome long term. Ha! So...since this session was 6 months ago...I remember very well. ;)) Katie showed up in this fuchsia sundress, wavy beach hair, beautiful smile & was ready to go! Nervous, but excited; as are most girls btw. I loved working with Katie & her mom. They were easy-to-please & easy-going...just how I like them. We met at Monument Valley Park & it was August...everything was lush and soooo GREEN. Which worked out to her benefit (& mine) because she has the most amazing GREEN EYES!!! Yep! They were amazing to photograph. I loved her wardrobe choices & felt like they played into the location perfectly. I was able to capture her serious side as well as playful/flirtatious side. I adored working with you Katie & I hope you are having a fabulous Senior Year...just think, you are now only months away from graduation! Ack...that's crazy & exciting & the world awaits you!!! 

{The Hammond Family} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Family Photographer

Those of you who have scheduled a session with me before, know that I have a "nerdy notebook" where I sketch out stick drawings due to my poor memory. Well, this session was no different in that I came prepared; however, often times with "littles" I find that I throw my sketch book to the way side & just SHOOT. I literally roll with the punches, make up games as I go & occasionally dance like a monkey!;) But I am so thankful in the long run when I look back...because these are the pictures that tell a story & relate that real emotion in a child or love in a mother. You can plan for these...you just merely capture them as they unfold. I am so lucky that I get to do what I do. I truly am passionate about this thing called life & relationship connections. The Hammond Sibling Trio is pure magic...check them out on this sunny summer morning!!!

{MOM Mini-Sessions} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Photographer

Hello beautiful Ma-Ma's, it's time to celebrate YOU!!!! With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's time YOU get in front of the lens with your loved ones instead of taking all the photos. That's right...this special mini-session event was created just for MOMS. I adore photographing motherhood and all it entails. It's no easy task being a mom...our list of to do's is endless, that's why I want to honor YOU!!! So whether you are expecting, or already have babies, toddlers, older kids or even your own mom...bring them & let's capture some sweet moments together!!! 

There are ONLY 10 spots available. These MOM Mini-Sessions will be held on Saturday, April 29th & Sunday, April 30th at Monument Valley Park, Colorado Springs. Each session will be 20 minutes long & include 8 high resolution edited images with shared copyrights for $125. There will be blankets available to get cozy & hopefully Cherry Blossom Trees in full bloom!!! I simply cannot wait to work with ya'll!!! =) These are based on a first come/first serve basis. Click on the image below & choose your desired time slot. Once you sign up & leave your e-mail/phone number, I will contact you with wardrobe ideas & directions on where to meet. It's time to celebrate Motherhood & it's Time to celebrate YOU!!! =)

{Carly--Sand Creek High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

LOVED working with Carly, just like I LOVED working with her sister, Shelby, a few years back & if you saw them side by side, you probably wouldn't know who was who? They aren't twins, just definite sisters & I just adore them both...and MOM, aka: Tammy; she's the BEST!!! Seriously though...they are each so fabulous to work with!!! Carly has the "it" factor as I like to call it. Looks, moves, smarts, she's got "it" all going on!;) We met at Monument Valley Park & ended in Downtown Colorado Springs for her 2hr. session. I think they were the perfect location choices for Carly. MVP highlighted her gorgeous green eyes with the green hues of August light in her cream t-shirt dress & fabulous hat accessory. I'm a sucker for hats!;) Downtown has it's own vibe; edgy, energy, eclectic & because Carly knows how to work the camera...I was in awe of giving little direction & just watching her in her element doing her thing. She just kept on impressing me throughout her session. Here is a snippet of the "it" factor at work.;)

{The Wilson Extended Family} Colorado Springs Family Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer

This group was so much fun to work with!!! Tu-tu & Grumps as they refer to Grandma & Granpa were just darn adorable & the aunts & uncles hilarious!!! I loved working with each and everyone of you Wilson Clan. We met at the beautiful Monument Valley Park where everything was so lush & green this time of year...down to the water (see funny out-takes reference).;) Enjoy a peek from their summer session...