{Kasey: Liberty High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

Who loves sunflowers, black-eyed susans, whatever you want to call them? I’m not so good with the names of flowers, but I do know I love them…especially open fields of them!!! So does Kasey…so it couldn’t have been more perfect when we stumbled upon this open field of them at Bear Creek Regional Park last summer. It was stunning & with the mountains in the background…SWOON!

Kasey was so much fun to work with…all smiles, bubbly, happy. I just adored this girl from head to toe!!! We had so much fun together exploring Old Colorado City & soaking up the happiness of the wildflowers and beauty all around us.

I really do love my photoshoots with clients…now if I could just skip the editing part.;)

Take a peek at Kasey’s full session below…

{Abby: Palmer Ridge High School Senior (part 3) Colorado Springs High School Photographer

You starting to recognize this face? It's because Abby is my niece & because I probably took a gazillion & one photos of her over the course of last summer. LOL!!! That's what you do when you're family.;) Plus she's pretty darn cute & likeable. Ha!

This was our part 3 of her Senior Pics. For these we decided to go to a coffee shop (specifically Fifty-Fifty Coffee-House because I know the owners (some of my fav. clients) & I happen to love their coffee & shop. Abby wanted some shots of her sipping coffee & writing, since she'd like to move to Paris someday & become a writer. We ALMOST brought her vintage type-writer along, but oh my gosh...it weighs a small TON!!! Ha! The next stop was Manitou Springs to show off her playful/whimsical side. LOVED her tulle skirt & oversized balloons. We had way too much fun (except the part where it was a Saturday during tourist season & I stood in a parking spot to save it for my sister for what felt like 20 minutes & got lots of dirty looks.) Oops!;) #sorrynotsorry

{Bianca: Palmer Ridge High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Photographer

This beauty was an absolute natural in front of the lens. From the moment she walked up, I knew we would have nothing but fun & I was sooo RIGHT!!! We had a blast together & I also had the privilege of meeting both her parents & grandma as they tagged along during her session. I loved it & I think they did too. I even snapped a pic of all of them at the end to commemorate a special day. Bianca chose to do her photos in Old Colorado City which I adored...it's full of eclectic colors, unpredictable back drops around every corner & full of personality just like BIANCA. =) Take a peek at her pics & you'll see just what I mean...


{The Smith Family} Colorado Springs Family Lifestyle Photographer

The Blondes...j/k...The Smith Family.;) But sometimes that's what I think of when I think of this family...beautiful blonde hair, dreamy blue eyes & creamy, milky skin. Ahhh...LOVE these guys! I have been doing their photos since Kendall (their daughter) was a newborn. I love seeing their kids grow & their personalities develop...so much fun! I seriously have the BEST clients!!! They decided on Old Colorado City for this Spring Session & I was obsessed with their wardrobe when they showed up...it was the perfect pops of color & looked great against the exposed brick, yellow & other accents of O.C.C. We had fun watching Keegan point at everything he was taking in & Kendall give us her interpretations of Zoo animals. LOL!!! It was a beautiful, sunny morning. Till next time...take a peek at our time together...

{Gabrielle--Palmer High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

This sweet gorgeous girl is not all sunshine & roses...she also has a super bad-#$% tough side to her. In fact when I met her at The Broadmoor Hotel for her first location of shooting, she had on this lace feminine cream dress & I was all "ahhh..." then she pointed to her arms & legs that were profusely covered in scratches & bruises and I was all, "What the heck is that from???" You see she just so happens to play la-cross at her school & ROCKS at it!!! She is tough as nails with the bumps/bruises to prove it. Of course I was the only one who will be seeing those, because DUH...these ARE her Senior pictures so of course I edited them out!!! =) But you'll just have to believe me. This girl has a sweet & beautiful exterior, a heart of gold & yet is a tough, down to earth competitor. I just LOVED that about her!!! I feel like it gave her spunk & spirit & it showed in all of her images. She has this fierce look in her urban wear that is hard to compete with, but also a sweet, soft angelic side in her feminine lace dress that killed it. She was beyond AMAZING to work with & I'm thrilled she chose ME as her Senior Photographer. I hope you have a fabulous Senior year Gabby and best of luck to you in your future plans!!! Here is a peek at our time together...