{The Bowsher Family} Colorado Springs Family Lifestyle Photographer

“What should I bring to our session?” is one of the most common questions I get asked & the real answer is…an open mind, a smile & trust. Giving me free reign during a session is like letting my creative Free Spirit SOAR!!! I love when someone e-mails me & says…we trust you because we know you are going to give us a beautiful outcome no matter what. Thank you! That means the world to me. I don’t want you to show up stressed out, crabby & short-tempered with your kids. Leave it to me to produce the authentic smiles, the real emotion, the connection you should have as a family. We will play games, ask questions, explore, etc. So show up with a good attitude, a smile, and trust me to do my job because I love it & that’s what I get paid to do. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Why am I talking about that before posting about this particular session? Because I remember the rapport I had almost immediately with this new, young family. They were worried about their little doll-face not smiling & having boogery-boogers because she had just woke up from a nap & was recovering from a cold still lingering. As moms, we’ve all been there. I totally understand, but I also have worked with kids for 10 years now, not to mention my own & TONS of nieces/nephews…I know it takes time to warm up, wake up & even if you don’t get THE PERECT SMILE…I promise, you will still LOVE your pictures! You know why? Because you will always look back & remember that your little doll-face was recovering from a cold & gave us funny & adorable expressions. You will remember how little she was, you’ll ooh & aah over her curls & round, pink cheeks. You’ll remember what a lovely Spring Day it was & nothing else will matter.

I absolutely ADORED this family & I really, really, really hope they come back & see me this Spring because I would die to squeeze this munckin’’s face again. Take a peek at our session together…it’ll forever be a Spring Favorite. =)

{The Warnement Family} Colorado Springs Lifestyle/Portrait Photographer

I met the Warnement Family earlier in the summer, when I took Sarah's (their daughter) Senior Pictures. We had such a good time chatting up a storm, that Lori (aka: mom) said, we are sooo booking you for this fall. I'm so glad you did Lori...what a fun session with your family!!! She chose Rock Ledge Ranch for several reasons...one, obviously for it's beauty!!! This was my first time meeting dad & son. They were a trip; seriously had me in stitches the entire session. Ha! But my most memorable moment (sorry Lori...I told you this would go on the blog) from this session is when I had the GENIUS idea to stand by the cool wood gate. The family hadn't been over there for more than 2 seconds when Lori YELPED!!! She thought something bit her...even looked down around the ground near her feet. In that brief second I watched her reaction, I knew EXACTLY what had happened!!! There was HOT aka: LIVE hot wire fence all around the gate & it was ON. She got zapped folks! I felt terrible...absolutely awful. Lesson learned by all...watch what you are touching & what's going on around you! I probably won't ever use that backdrop again, but I do love the way these particular pics turned out.;) Here is a peek at our lovely & hysterical evening together...

{Sarah--TCA H.S. Senior--Class of 2017} Colorado Springs High School Senior Portrait Photographer

I just adored meeting Sarah. She is sweet, smart, social, sensitive & stunning!!! Really, such a gem to work with. She was up for any crazy idea I had...like tip-toeing through the creek barefoot just to get a few good shots.=) I adored her sense of fashion & her love for volleyball. I have a feeling with those long muscular legs, she is quite the spiker on the court & I would love to watch her play!!! I hope you have the MOST amazing Senior year Sarah & that you thoroughly enjoy learning more about meteorology!!! Oh & one last thing...for those of you that are fans of the show "The Bachelor" I found Sarah's doppelganger...it's Becca from Season 20 (Chris was the Bachelor). Just thought I'd share.;) I posted a side by side on my Instagram Photography account if you follow me, you can check it out over there. I love when I have "celebrity-look-alikes" for my Seniors. It's so fun!!! In past years I have had a Kiera Knightly, James Van Der Beek. I love my job!!! Ha! Enjoy a peek at Sarah's Session...



{The Reeve Family} Colorado Springs Family Photographer

This was my first time meeting the Reeve Family & in fact; this was a session they WON. Yep, you heard me right!!! Back earlier in the Spring, Antelope Trails Elementary (where my kids just finished attending. Sniff-sniff!!! They attended since Preschool & are now moving onto middle school) had a silent auction during their annual Spring Fling Festival & I donated a Mini-Session. This wonderful family bid & won!!! What a treat it was for me to work with all of them. Besides, who doesn't love working with TWINS? And Molly...well, she is just as adorable & sweet as she looks in the photos. Easy-peasy. =) We met at Rock Ledge Ranch to capture Colorado Spring's beautiful Garden of the Gods & Mountain Range behind them. It was a warm sunny morning & I may have done my fair share of sweating during this session.;) I absolutely LOVED their color choices for this session...blues & corals with dad in plaid to pull it all together!!! Perfection. I know it took the boy's a little while to warm up to me, but after some running games, all was well. Enjoy a peek at our morning together...