{Spring Mini-Sessions} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Photographer

I was feeling uber inspired last Spring & thought…what the heck; I should just put my “feelers” out there on Social media & see who might be interested in Spring Mini’s. Well, I had NO IDEA how much it would blow up!!! It was such a HUGE SUCCESS…I think I will definitely be adding it to my list of “annual must do’s.” Originally, I had planned on offering them inside a local greenhouse nursery, but as it turns out, the one I checked out in weeks prior with my daughter was MUCH TOO SMALL to hold all of the families I was going to be photographing, so pretty last minute, I changed the location to Monument Valley Park & it did NOT disappoint. The buds were blooming on the weeping willow trees, grass was green, water was sparkling & sun was out. I couldn’t have been more blessed on this particular weekend!!! Everything was perfect. Most of all——by the awesome families & couples that came to see me. All smiles, laughs & good times!!! Check out a handful of my favorite shots!

ALSO…don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled again this Spring…as My Mini-Sessions that I periodically offer, are run as SPECIALS & only offered at limited times & in limited quantity. Sign ups will be by e-mail appointment only & full deposit is now required in advance. Don’t miss out…they go FAST!!!

{Hayden Geordge}--Lifestyle Newborn--In Home Session

This family was expecting their first child & found me on NSM…it’s nice to know Social Media is working for me.;) We ended up being neighbors. #truestory. They live just on the other side of Highway 105 in the newest development…small world, I think YES. =) Which also made it super convenient when baby arrived for me to pop on over for their in-home session. So much fun to watch new parents. They were so excited to have me, they welcomed me into their new home, as did their big doggies.;) Needless to say they were head over heels for their new little addition; their son, Hayden George. Can’t say I blame them…he was certainly delicious.

Although I typically have clients send me a few quick snap-shots of their home before the actual session…I always do a brief walk-through in the rooms we talked about (usually the nursery, master bedroom, family room & occasional kitchen/dining/office) to see where the best light is pouring in. I am a sucker for natural light & even though you may not think your home has good natural light…trust me, I can find it. Every home does; it is just that some have more than others. That’s ok. I am confident I can make just about any circumstance work.;) I have had a few challenging doozies in my first years starting out my business. Ha!

This was another baseball loving family from the East Coast & so we had fun dressing Hayden up in a mini-jersey for a few shots. And of course mom has been dreaming of this day forever, so she has a few favorite purchased newbie outfits she may want to show off. I’m good with just about anything, but I always think a swaddled baby is & will forever be my favorite look. Obviously I want to make sure & capture tiny toes & fingers too…so sometimes during the outfit changes is when I sneak those in.

Feeling overly wordy today…(sorry!) Have a glimpse into their home & meet Hayden…

{The Husson Family} Colorado Springs Family Lifestyle Photographer

This was such a sweet & simple Spring session. I suggested Mnt. Herman Rd. because it’s a beautiful location & has always been a favorite of mine. I remember when MOM (yes, I have a terrible memory & it just helps me to call my clients “Mom” & “Dad”—this is something you should know about me for sure.;)) contacted me about setting up this shoot & requesting it ASAP as her hubby was getting deployed again. I cannot tell you how much I admire these resilient military families. It takes such grit & courage. Especially when mom or dad has to single parent while their spouse is deployed. WOW! Pretty sure I couldn’t do it. I absolutely adored their young boys who were so, so cute! Check out their sunny afternoon Spring session with me…

{The May Family}--Colorado Springs Family Lifestyle Photographer

I absolutely adore this sweet family of 6. For many years, it was boys, boys, boys & then surprise…they added a girl to the mix. So happy for them!!! =) I love how protective, gentle & caring all of these brothers are of their baby sister. She’s got it made, right?! This was a gorgeous Spring day…I remember just standing in this open space before my clients arrived, letting the warm sun fall on my face & thanking the Lord for his many blessings. Wildflowers were blooming, dog-walkers were out getting exercise, I was in my happy place with my camera in hand. Everything in the world seemed right.

We played a lot of fun games during this session to keep the boys entertained, but also got some sweet girly moments between mother & daughter. So happy they trusted me with this new found location because it just made me so happy & we got a beautiful sunset at the very end. Enjoy a peek at our time together.

{Finley June}--Lifestyle Newborn In-Home Session--Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I’m telling you guys, it ALMOST makes me want to have another baby because of all of the adorable baby names out there. I mean come on??!!! Finley June, Quinn Harper, Scarlett, Sloan, Sedona. Ummm…YEAH!!! But don’t worry, I’m totally kidding…I don’t really think a 14 yr. gap between kids would be much fun.;)

I met this family in June of 2017 & fell in love with all of them, in particular, the sweet little strawberry blonde oozing personality! =) We had so much fun just hiking the trails, playing games in the evening spring sun. I was thrilled when Jen contacted me about capturing daughter #2’s arrival. This family is just so darn adorable & down to earth; they are a real treat to work with.

Nursery details…lush, lavender heaven. I don’t typically like purple all that much, but this nursery is so tasteful it’s truly a delight to the eyes. Jen’s mom hand sewed the nursery bedding, skirt, etc. It’s just gorgeous so of course we had to get a few shots with grandma while she was in town visiting.=)

Watch out for the “sister” pics…they’ll just melt your heart!!!<3<3<3

{Quinn Harper}--Lifestyle Newborn In-Home Session--Castle Rock Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Aaaaahhhh…I was sooo sooo excited when Cassie contacted me to tell me she was expecting & ask if I would capture their newborn? I met Cassie & Brandon at least 5 years ago & we did a couple’s session inside the Garden of the Gods & on Mesa Rd. I remember how adorable they were & thought to myself…”they would make such cute babies.” Turns out, I was right!;) While catching up on their lives during their session, I learned it was anything short of exciting & busy... they recently switched jobs, built a house & moved & had a baby. Ha!

Little Quinn was one of the sweetest babies I laid eyes on this past season & I can hardly wait as they just asked me to photograph her 1 yr. Birthday coming up in February. There is no greater honor than being invited back again. I love when young families ask me to capture milestones for them…not only do I get to see their little ones grow, but I get to see their new additions & really build rapport with them (which is one of the things I love the very MOST about my job).

I was obsessed with the nursery they decorated for little Quinn Harper…from top to bottom they had wood signs, mountain décor & even a fabulous rug that read, “Adventure Awaits.” Which to me seems so perfectly fitting…so many wonderful adventures await both Quinn & her parents. Oh what fun!!!

{Natalie Ray}--Lifestyle Newborn In-Home Session--Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I remember distinctly being nervous about this particular session as soon as I learned that these new clients lived in an apartment building. Most of my clients live in homes with big windows…so per usual, I lifted it up to the Lord & He delivered. Their apartment unit happened to be on a corner with gorgeous morning light pouring into their master bedroom & I knew immediately where I would be doing the majority of their session at upon arrival. Thank you God…you are sooo GOOD!!! I could probably write a book on all of the times God has answered my prayers about weather, lighting, clients, situations, etc. during my course of 10 years doing Photography.

This young couple also had a 2 yr. old daughter who just happened to steal the show & melted my heart. She was too cute for words & so interested in showing me all of her toys. Sometimes I use this tactic of “go get your favorite book" & show me” to sneak a few alone shots with just Mom & Baby or sometimes I end up using the book they bring me as part of my next set with the entire family sitting on the bed & reading a book. Simple ways to create “lifestyle” without having to work very hard for the shot. I remember she had a pretend camera & was taking pictures of her baby sister (whom she adored) & I like to think that maybe someday she’ll be a photographer too. =)

Some of my favorite Mother-Baby shots were taken in this tiny master bedroom…maybe it was the gorgeous light shining in, maybe it was that this new mother was radiating beauty from the inside out, or maybe it was that God answers prayers & totally showed up for me during this session in more ways than one. All I know is, these pictures speak for themselves. This family’s love for one another was so evident, it came shining through in every frame.

I say it a LOT, but it’s true…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE capturing newborns at in-home sessions…something so personal, so intimate, so beautiful.

{Lucas Michael Nordstrom}--Lifestyle Newborn In Home Session--Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

As I begin journaling sessions from almost 1 year ago I may not remember ALL of the tiny details (like exactly how old this newborn was during his photoshoot), but I DO remember how completely smitten his parents were. So completely in love from head to toe; it was beyond precious!!! From the time I entered their beautiful home, they began to boast of his grand entrance into the world, continued to ooh & aah over him while showing me his adorable nursery. They had not forgotten one little detail of décor & made sure to include all of his precious stats on a message board for me to photograph. I just adore seeing brand new parents with their new bundle of joy!!! It is simply a fleeting phase & one that goes by far too quickly if you ask me. But I love that I am their to capture these moments for people so that they can look back & remember all of the little things they may have otherwise forgotten.

Announcing Fall Mnt. Mini's 2018!!!

Option A.jpg

Back by Popular Demand...

Fall Mountain Mini's 2018!!!

Saturday, September 29th & Sunday, September 30th.

Mueller State Park--Divide, CO

20 minutes
             8 high resolution edited images on a digital download

                        $125 + $7.00 entrance fee

*These mini's are based on a first come, first serve basis & WILL GO FAST!!!*

Full payment of $125 is required upon booking this year.

*Immediate Family only please!!!*

E-mail me at CourtneyKae@msn.com to RESERVE your spot today!!! 

***Limited slots available!!! ***

Saturday, September 29th:









Sunday, September 30th:






{Megan: Palmer Ridge High School Senior} Colorado Springs Senior Photographer

When I talked to Megan on the phone about her Senior session, she knew exactly what she wanted, what she was going to where & generally speaking, where she wanted them. Together we collaborated & came up with a plan. I was mostly excited that I got to shoot a Senior session in the SPRING & that I was able to capture the cherry blossoms before they were gone. I have been dying to shoot them every season, but ALWAYS miss them...so this was a treat! Megan was so easy to work with, took direction well, rocked her outfits & we had amazing weather. To say this was a great start to Senior season would be an understatement. I love that these images display the wide variety of Megan's personality from bright & colorful, to tough & strong (she also happens to work at City Rock & is an avid Rock Climber) to her soft & feminine side. Take a look for yourself. Here's a peek at some of my favorites...

{The Lennox Family} Colorado Springs Family Lifestyle Photographer

I love that this family wanted an urban session...a little mix up from the typical rural session. They chose to meet me down at Colorado College Campus, which is always a good choice in my opinion. This campus is filled with great architecture, unique wood doors, light strolled sidewalks, etc. I'm always anxious to see what sweet little Jane is going to show up in. On this fun fall morning she surprised me with the cutest darn cowboy boots...oh my stars!!! Love all her 2yr. old energy. Take a peek at our morning together...

{McKenzie's 9 month} Colorado Springs Children's Portrait Photographer

McKenzie's Mom contacted me when McKenzie was a baby & asked if I offered bundle packages from birth to 1yr. old. I do in fact. I will custom create packages to watch your baby grow through the big milestones. Contact me if you're interested. This is such a fun way to capture them at 3, 6, 9 months & the big 1yr. I thoroughly enjoyed watching little Miss McKenzie grow & change. But 9 months was by far my favorite. =) We met at Dirty Woman Creek Park in Monument on a crisp fall morning & it was perfect. She always shows up with an entourage & this day was no different...with grandparents visiting, mom & dad, etc. We placed her near the creek, splashed a bit in the creek & sat in her great, great grandfather's rocking chair...the cutest. Take a peek...

{The Dixon Family} Colorado Springs Family Lifestyle Photographer

Fall is one of my favorite seasons to shoot & definitely amongst the most popular with my clients. In fact, if you are stalking my blog for ideas & thinking about booking me for a Fall session, you might want to make sure you schedule at least 2 months out from the date you want. Think of me like a hairdresser.;) This location became one of my most requested throughout Fall especially with my military families or families who happen to be moving away. Of course, I can clearly understand why...it has amazing front range views of the mountains, pikes peak as well as Garden of the Gods. What's not to love? This family were new clients to me & though we had just met; I felt as though I had known them forever. So great to work with, personable, easy to talk to & their boys were darling and sweet. Mom nailed everyone's wardrobe...colors were on point. We played games, jumped on crunchy leaves, laughed and made magic that evening on the hillside. Take a peek...

{The Herman Family} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Family Photographer

Recognize this family? You should. I post them every year & have been for 9 years. They were my original paying clients. Love this family. I used to attend MOPS with Suzy & happen to know she's a fabulous wife & mom to these 3 boys (yes, her two sons & her hubby.;)) This session she toughed it out with me as I required her to climb to the top of Pulpit Rock & she did it in a dress ya'll. She's amazing; I'm telling you firsthand!!! Her hubby was smart enough to tell her to bring her tennis shoes for the hike up at least. Phew!;) It was a beautiful fall evening & we were blessed with the most amazing sunset too. Lucky us! I have loved capturing this family and watching her boys grow taller year after year. Pretty sure her oldest is gonna pass her up in the next session..or is pretty close at least.;) Where does time go? Here's a peek at their fabulous session...


*You should also take note (if you scroll through the entire session...towards the bottom) there is a traditional picture that is always requested by dad. He lifts both boys off the ground (1 in each arm) to which I start busting up laughing because each year these boys get bigger & heavier. One of these days, this request will get forgotten.;) (intentionally no doubt). Ha-ha-ha!!!

{The Johnson Family} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Family Photographer

So I may have ooohed & aaahed over Lisa (aka: Mom's) dress when she got out of her car. Literally. I loved it & then as her family began to disembark...I was freaking out...everyone looked AMAZING!!! Like spot on! I get sooo excited about fashion & when I family shows up so well put together, I MIGHT make a big deal out of it.;) This evening was memorable for several reasons. 1.) We just covered it.;) 2.) Their was a planned proposal at the Nature & Discovery Center the night we shot their session. I remember because their were two other photogs trying to capture it secretly for this young man & it just so happen to be sooooo very busy, that the soon to be fiance' was irritated they couldn't find a spot to be "alone." LOL!!! We tried to stay out of the way as much as possible, but there are only so many places to go (if you've ever been here, you'll know what I mean). Anyway...he was eventually able to pop the question because we saw them again on the way out & his fiance' was beaming ear to ear and looking at her ring!!! I have such a fun job...I get to witness all kinds of craziness out and about in this world.

BUT...back to the Johnson Family. They rocked their session from start to finish. Check it out...

{Abigail: Palmer Ridge High School Senior} Colorado Springs Senior Photographer

If I haven't said it before, I'll say it again...I LOVE working with High School Seniors!!! I love watching them start out timid, shy, uncertain & then over the course of two hours with me...come of their shell, see their personality, and literally SHINE!!! One of the reasons I love my job is because I love people. I think God gave me the natural gift of making others comfortable to be themselves. I come in...judgement free, an open book & ready to capture YOU just as you are. I will guide you & direct you with ideas & poses along the way. I'll talk to you and find out your passions, dreams, college/career plans, whether your single or dating, how many kids you want. Ok, I might be kidding about the last one. Ha! But truly...I love learning about and getting to know my clients. I don't ask for any other reason than that I actually care. I get invested because that's who I am. I want to do the best I can to genuinely capture who you really are.

This is a huge milestone; your Senior session. This is heading into your last year of High School. Your year where you really learn about yourself, grow, mature, experience and then you spread your wings & learn to fly all on your own. I know it may sound cheesy, but it is SO TRUE!!! 

{The Frith Family} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Family Photographer

Rebecca, Grant & Ally have been loyal clients of mine for as long as I can remember. Every year we rack our brains for something new, exciting & lifestyle. This session we both decided the Paint Mines out east was the perfect spot. Unfortunately, the first time around didn't work out so well. We totally got rained out!!! =( So, we rescheduled & the second time was the charm. It was a perfect September evening, perfect temperature, perfect amount of light & did I mention perfect wardrobe!?! Rebecca always does an amazing job picking out everyone's outfits for their sessions. They coordinated & complimented the hues/shades of the Paint Mines just beautifully. We had a blast hiking the rocks...way up high, way down low & way deep into some of the cool caves to be discovered. Though it was busy, we were able to weave in/out of other visitors & I was able to capture their adventures, connections & personalities. If you want to shoot your family at this fabulous location, JUST ASK. It's a little bit of a drive, but I promise you, IT IS WORTH IT (especially if you've never been). Such a cool place not many know about!!! Take a peek...

{The Crutchley Family} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Family Photographer

This little red-headed family hold a special place in my heart. I look forward to working with them every Fall. They are so easy to work with & so darn photogenic. I always try & mix up the location for them. This year, (or rather last...b/c I'm behind on blogging) we ended up at Mnt. Herman Dog Pond. Love this spot...it's so unique &  has that Colorado feel to it...with the white giant sandstone rock, tall pines, mountain backdrop & dog pond. I love that they chose dark green for their colors; it was such a good contrast against the light sandstone rock. Fall will be here again before we know it. If we can just get out of yucky SPRING first.;) Enjoy a peek at our amazing session together...

{The Hayman Family} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Family Photographer

Yep...my blogging is all out of order these days, cause when you get as far behind as I have...you just do your best to catch up with some of your favorite sessions! =) This family session is by far no exception. I loved working with the adorable, carefree & beautiful Hayman Family. They brought so much sunshine & smiles to their session I cannot even begin to tell you. This was late last September & it was a gorgeous Colorado evening. We met at one of my favorite spots that really shows off GOTG & the entire front range quite well...in fact, it's become a very requested spot (in part due to this session). I'm gonna let the pictures speak for themselves here...no need to ramble on with silly facts. Enjoy a peek...