{Max: Palmer Ridge High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

Max is the youngest of three & ironically, I had the honor of taking both of his older sibling's Senior pictures too. Max is seriously one of the sweetest, nicest young men I have ever worked with & that's saying a lot, because in 9 years time, I've worked with my fair-share of Seniors.;) We decided upon downtown Palmer Lake & the lake itself because let's face it...pictures probably weren't the first thing on his agenda & I KNOW he'd probably rather have been doing other things. LOL! This is when I remind boys that these pics are for their Ma-Ma's.;) This always produces a smile. I love that Max put up with my crazy antics & that he is confident in his masculinity to wear PINK. Yay! I love a man that can wear pink. 

{Anna: Lewis Palmer High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

Anna's Session was so unique to her...she had a specific vision in mind & thanks to her persistence in finding EXACTLY the location she wanted, her pictures turned out STUNNING! Almost as stunning as she looked. I loved her wardrobe choices & her lipstick accompaniment.;) I know sounds funny to say, but I love a dark red lip & Anna rocked it like nobody I know! We decided on Starsmore Discovery Nature Center because she wanted water & not just any water, but a bridge. Well, her opening shot (literally first frame out of the camera) barefoot on the rock was practically historical ( I have been asked by so many people, where this shot was taken it's laughable). Way to make yourself & your spot famous, Anna!!! I agree, she makes it look just gorgeous. I went back several other times throughout Senior Season & each time it had a different feel, but I happen to love how lush & green & full it was during your session girly! Take a peek at her gorgeous pictures on an unbelievably perfect evening.

{The McWilliams Family} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Family Photographer

This session was a bit of challenge for so many reasons, but you would NEVER know it looking at the photos. We were dealing with crazy amounts of wind, a spunky & strong-willed toddler & busy biking trails. All I could do was laugh it off & keep clicking. I was thankful for a beautiful sunset, relaxed clients & my trigger-happy finger.;) I love this family & they've loyally been using me as their family photographer since Kylie (their youngest was less than a year old). Needless to say, I'm thankful they're patient and understanding. Palmer Park is a fabulous location as far as mountain views, but I always try & warn everyone in advance about the crazy amounts of cactus & yucca plants. OUCH!!! Where tennis shoes or don't move.;) Ha! Enjoy a peek at a whirlwind session...literally.

{Faith: CSCS High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

I remember Faith so well...she was a girl after my own heart...lover of fashion & shoes. Oh yes...she showed up with the cutest wardrobe & accessories to boot! Pretty sure we connected immediately over the fashion & the rest was history.;) It was a chilly, overcast day, but she ROCKED her session regardless. She started out quiet & timid, but ended strong & confident. I love your sweet smile & disposition Faith & I know God has BIG plans for you!!! One more thing...she attends CSCS, where I went to High School, so we obviously connected over that too. Pretty cool. =)

{Nate: Palmer Ridge High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

I have known Nate & his family since my kiddos were itty-bitty! His mom was my kid's Sunday School Teacher at Vanguard Church many years ago & next year she'll by my daughter's High School counselor at Palmer Ridge. Small World Connections. I could tell you so many great things about Nathan...he's incredibly smart, incredibly polite, incredibly sweet, incredibly athletic, but instead I'm going to tell you how incredibly photogenic he is & let the pictures speak for themselves.;) Take a peek... & P.S. Fall is the BEST!!!

{Noah: High School Senior: Twin Cities, MN} Traveling Photographer

Yep...I did this handsome young High School Senior's Photos in the Twin Cities, MN while I was out there shooting a wedding. What a FUN session!!! Talk about urban landscape...couldn't get much cooler than these spots in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. Loved every moment with this sweet kiddo too! So polite, so up for anything & a natural in front of the camera. Check out his awesome shots & if you're interested in booking your High School Senior pics in your city & can finagle 4-5 other dudes {or dudettes for that matter) ...I'm IN!!! I love traveling & I'm always inspired by new locations. Feel free to contact me on my website or by e-mail. 

Jillian: Liberty High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

Jillian attends Liberty High School in Colorado Springs, she'll be graduating this Spring, 2018. She loves the great outdoors, hiking, nature, yoga & plans to study Political Science & or Law hopefully at The University of Alabama in the Fall. She has the most adorable personality & those dimples...oh my!!! This girl has her head on straight & I remember how proud her Ma-Ma was during the course of her Senior Session. I would be too! Way to go Jillian...I wish you nothing but the best & I see a bright future ahead. =) Keep on smiling...

{Gage: Lewis Palmer High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Photographer


Gage...a real cutie! I think I've been saying that about this young man since I first met him 5 or so years ago. His family are our friends & my husband's co-worker. My daughter may have had a crush on him at one time (shhhhh....). I knew working with Gage would be cake-walk. He's a natural & has one of those contagious smiles that light up a room. Now...getting him to smile was going to be a little trickier. I know I've probably mentioned before, but guys don't LOVE having their photos taken. BIG SUPRISE!!! So it's my job to figure out what it's going to take to make them feel comfortable, natural & laugh. What's funny? I am. In all seriousness though...God uses me to make a complete butt out of myself to make others laugh. This is true. Not intentionally. I just happen to be super clumsy while shooting...mainly because I'm looking through the lens of the camera & not paying attention to what's going on around me. LOL!!! But because of these unplanned happenings, I typically can make just about anyone laugh, let alone smile. So...I just have to be quick with the camera during those moments of tripping, getting stung by a bee, falling in a cactus or losing a shoe in a lake. YEP...these are all true stories of events that have actually happened to me while shooting during sessions. No lie!!!

I should probably also note, I don't ALWAYS want a smile...in fact, with Senior guys *unless a smile is true to their personality* I will take a lot of serious/macho/masculine looks...because they ALL like that. Ok, well most of them.!;) More on Gage...here's a peek at his unique downtown CS Senior Session...



{Lauren: Palmer Ridge High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Photographer

"Redheads are God's way of giving the world roses.--Author Unknown. 

Meet Lauren. She's a fiery red-head that loves drama, colors & wants to pursue acting/modeling. Lauren chose Manitou Springs as her location which was so fitting to her wardrobe choices & fiery personality. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED working with Lauren & her mom. So easy to communicate with & once she warmed up, I do believe she was loving every second of her session. I mean, who doesn't love to feel like a super model for a day? Lauren ROCKED her every frame, every outfit, every back-drop. She was super inspiring to my coffee-hyped morning with her. Ha! Take a peek at the magic...

{Abby: Palmer Ridge High School Senior (part 3) Colorado Springs High School Photographer

You starting to recognize this face? It's because Abby is my niece & because I probably took a gazillion & one photos of her over the course of last summer. LOL!!! That's what you do when you're family.;) Plus she's pretty darn cute & likeable. Ha!

This was our part 3 of her Senior Pics. For these we decided to go to a coffee shop (specifically Fifty-Fifty Coffee-House because I know the owners (some of my fav. clients) & I happen to love their coffee & shop. Abby wanted some shots of her sipping coffee & writing, since she'd like to move to Paris someday & become a writer. We ALMOST brought her vintage type-writer along, but oh my gosh...it weighs a small TON!!! Ha! The next stop was Manitou Springs to show off her playful/whimsical side. LOVED her tulle skirt & oversized balloons. We had way too much fun (except the part where it was a Saturday during tourist season & I stood in a parking spot to save it for my sister for what felt like 20 minutes & got lots of dirty looks.) Oops!;) #sorrynotsorry

{The Thompson Family} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Family Photographer

Fox Run Park is an interesting location to me...it can convey so many different feelings. This was a summer session, so it came across warm, dreamy, whimsical. But I have shot here many times in the winter & it can feel big, mysterious, magical. Those pines feel twice as tall in the winter covered in a dusting of snow. I like that it has so many different characteristics that it beckons me & challenges me. 

Anywhooo...lots of rambling today. This family was so cute & easy to photograph. They just allowed me to give a little instruction but were so free-spirited & in just being themselves, I found them a delight to photograph. The pictures & the love speak for themselves. Take a peek...

{Jen & Patrick--Couple's Session} Colorado Spring Lifestyle Couples Photographer

Since our e-mail correspondence was brief, I just knew to expect Jen, Patrick & their adorable dog, Nessie. (Notice her adorable pink bows in her fur.) What I didn't know is how fabulously adorable this couple was. Dressed so cute, their chemistry was magical & their dog was like icing on the cake. I couldn't believe how obedient she was. I was thrilled they chose Ute Valley Park as their location...I love this spot at sunset. I find it is a perfect representation of Colorado Springs & it's beautiful mountain backdrop right in the heart of the city. I should also note that I teased them about looking like Ken & Barbie throughout their session, because...COME ON...look at them. Ha! Enjoy a peek at their adorable, light-hearted session.

{Bianca: Palmer Ridge High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Photographer

This beauty was an absolute natural in front of the lens. From the moment she walked up, I knew we would have nothing but fun & I was sooo RIGHT!!! We had a blast together & I also had the privilege of meeting both her parents & grandma as they tagged along during her session. I loved it & I think they did too. I even snapped a pic of all of them at the end to commemorate a special day. Bianca chose to do her photos in Old Colorado City which I adored...it's full of eclectic colors, unpredictable back drops around every corner & full of personality just like BIANCA. =) Take a peek at her pics & you'll see just what I mean...


{The Jewett Family} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Family Photographer

Sometimes in life you get inspired. That's exactly what happened when I began planning the Jewett Family Photoshoot. Carrie, who happens to be a very close friend of mine, loves VW Vans...I mean LOVES them!!! So about six months prior to this session, I called her up & explained my vision. She was immediately on-board & began researching, plotting & planning how to get or rather borrow a VW Van. Once she pinned one down to rent for her session, I began plotting & planning: location, wardrobe & ideas. Together we collaborated beautifully and it couldn't have gone better in my opinion. The session went off without a hitch. Weather, including sunset was amazing, family looked top-notch, VW Van sparkled & mountain backdrop was to die for. Our theme was kind of beachy vibe in the mountains. I don't do a lot of styled sessions, but when they are friends, I make an exception.;) Take a peek at this gorgeous family...

{Jack: Palmer Ridge High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

Jack...Jack...Jack. He made me laugh during his entire session & not in the obvious crack jokes kind of way. He just had this subtle, underlying, funny about him. I don't really know how to explain it. One of the nicest guys I had the pleasure of working with over the summer. Genuine, respectful, smart...all around NICE GUY. When I think back to his session, he started out nervous...to be expected. For most people, this is their first time getting profession pictures taken. They don't know what to expect, how it's going to go, where to put their hands, how to stand, etc. But that is what I am for. It's my job. To tell you how to stand, where to put your hands, what facial expression to convey (I paint a picture...trust me...ha!) & most of all...HAVE FUN!!! By the end of Jack's Senior Experience he was having a blast. I remember his natural smile, his coy attitude & feeling very confident in his every stance. I loved his last set the best because we played around with his ensemble (a plain hoodie). You'd be surprised what I can come up with.;) Take a peek at our adventure on Mnt. Herman Rd. Dog Pond as well as Dirty Woman Creek Park...

{Porter: Palmer Ridge High School} Colorado Springs High School Photographer

Porter is a gentle giant. Yep...he could be intimidating to some based on his stature alone, but once you get to know him, you realize he's sweet like a teddy-bear & wouldn't hurt a fly. Just like most males, I had to work EXTRA hard to get some real smiles, but I did it & I'm proud to say "mom approved." =) Donna, who I now refer to as my Dentist Office Receptionist, had some great location ideas located along the Santa Fe Trail. I was eager to be inspired as I love shooting at new locations and had never shot here before even though I live close by. Unfortunately I did not dress weather-appropriately as it was a cold, drizzly day for August & my feet nearly froze off as they were soaking the entire 2 hours of Porter's session. I literally had to buy a hot Starbucks on my way home to de-frost. Crazy Colorado weather; always unpredictable. Keeps things interesting I guess.;) Here's a peek at Porter's Session...

{The Piano Family} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Family Photographer

I met the darling Piano Family at Larkspur Park in--- you guessed it, Larkspur. This was my first time meeting this family & I instantly crushed on them. So many different personalities from this big family, I loved it!!! Everyone was amazing to work with from the oldest to youngest. We had a fabulous time together & I recall the weather being absolutely perfect. This was on a random day we scheduled after we had received weeks of rain in July. I remember both of us commenting on how we completely lucked out...sun was shining, skies were blue & I'm fairly certain I heard birds singing.;) Take a peek at their dreamy session...

{The Vrooman Family} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Family Photographer

This cute little fam were all sunshine & roses. We enjoyed a free-spirit kind of morning frolicking at the park in the sunshine, avoiding puddles (since little guy was wearing white), playing hide & seek, 1,2,3 swing & other games. I loved capturing them interacting as a family of three...such doting parents with their son's every curiosity & request; seriously the sweetest. i love capturing families of three. I realize it is such a fleeting stage for most (as it was only 19 months for my husband & I). So brief & so tender...definitely a favorite stage to reflect back on. Enjoy a peek at our morning together underneath the willow trees...

{Katie: Liberty High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

So, the hubby is out of town again & I'm super behind on blogging...this seemed like as good of a night as any to play "catch up." 

Meet Katie...Liberty High School Senior, Graduating Class of 2018. I remember this summery session so well (which I know some of you are thinking, "really? YOU remember?"Only because I have a bad memory. But the funny thing about my memory is...I have a terrible short term, but awesome long term. Ha! So...since this session was 6 months ago...I remember very well. ;)) Katie showed up in this fuchsia sundress, wavy beach hair, beautiful smile & was ready to go! Nervous, but excited; as are most girls btw. I loved working with Katie & her mom. They were easy-to-please & easy-going...just how I like them. We met at Monument Valley Park & it was August...everything was lush and soooo GREEN. Which worked out to her benefit (& mine) because she has the most amazing GREEN EYES!!! Yep! They were amazing to photograph. I loved her wardrobe choices & felt like they played into the location perfectly. I was able to capture her serious side as well as playful/flirtatious side. I adored working with you Katie & I hope you are having a fabulous Senior Year...just think, you are now only months away from graduation! Ack...that's crazy & exciting & the world awaits you!!! 


While most of you know, I don't LOVE the snow, I will say...it's beautiful in that it brings this blanket of soft silence, peacefulness & a calm that is hard to explain, but you can feel it all around. I love that it feels new, pure, clean & like a fresh start. I also love that a good pop of red is a perfect contrast to it. I had this vision (I even created a Pinterest Board on Winter Photography Inspiration) a while back that if we ever got dumped on or at least a pretty snowfall, I would drag Sadie outside wearing RED to capture some beautiful contrasted images. So, TODAY, that's exactly what I did. 

I of course had MY vision & she of course had HERS. LOL!!! We were clearly NOT on the same page, but with a little begging & pleading...I won!;) I knew with this 14 year old teenager, I wouldn't have very much time. Boy, was I right. I literally nailed the 2 shots plus 2 frames in under 3 minutes. YEP!!! 3 minutes was all I got. She was cold, it was windy & she HATED what I asked her to wear. But darn it...I told her she'll love what I got and yep; she did!!! Mom's are always right! Ha! 

Win-Win all around. I simply wanted 1 close-up with a furry hood, because who doesn't love a furry hood wintery close-up that shows off your eyes. Plus her eyes look especially green with the pines behind her. I also wanted 1 pull-back shot showing off the pop of red against the blowing white snow & pines. The other two were the extra freebies...one she was actually smiling in because she was ditching me; the other cranky from the wind/cold. Ha! I still like them both!

Stay warm. Enjoy the view. Feel the peace.